July 2022

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Europe

With almost 40 countries, Europe is a huge continent separated into four regions: western, eastern, northern, and southern. The United Kingdom, Russia, France, the Netherlands, and other countries are among them. Many foreigners would love to work in Europe, which has many attractive countries with powerful economies, even if they have no one to sponsor them.

Fortunately, there is European visa sponsorship employment available in these nations, including positions as chefs, IT professionals, designers, office and administrative assistants, and so on.

Key Takeaways: European Visa Sponsorship Jobs

On the European continent, there are over 40 countries, the most of which have competitive economies and beautiful areas. Foreigners who want to work in Germany, the United Kingdom, or Greece must first find work. The ideal way to do so is to secure a European Job visa sponsorship, which allows their potential employer to handle their work visa application and provide them with a sponsorship certificate.

They can choose between a long-term or short-term visa depending on how long they plan to work there. Finally, there are a variety of websites where you can uncover European sponsored employment opportunities, so do your research.

Vacancies in Europe for Visa Sponsorship

What Is a Sponsorship for a European Visa?

A European visa sponsorship allows an employer from any European country that offers visa employment sponsorships to provide a sponsorship certificate to foreign workers who wish to work there. Non-European citizens looking for a sponsor employer should meet the job’s specific standards, proficiency, and credentials.

Any EU country’s immigration officials will allow an employer to sponsor a potential employee’s visa application, with a five-year sponsor maximum. This sponsorship certificate is beneficial to both the foreign worker and the employer. But it also shows immigration officials that you can handle the duties of having a foreign worker work for you for the duration of their stay.

The sponsorship certificate is not the same as a traditional hardcopy document. Instead, they are electronic records with a unique number allocated to each non-European employee. This unique number is used by the employee to process their work visa and other important documents, and it expires after three months.

How to Get a Sponsorship Certificate

Sponsorship certificates (CoS) are created by an assigned employee of that company who follows the rules given out in the Sponsorship management system. The personnel will do so using a licensed employer sponsor’s verified account.

The employer sponsor must complete the mandatory areas with correct information about the hiring process. They must fill in the following information:

Identifying information

Information on passports

Residential address currently in use

Numbers of identification

The location of your workplace

The days and times when you go to work

Your home address in the European country where you found a sponsor employer, such as the United Kingdom or Greece.

The occupation of the foreign employee

To prove that he looked for European citizens but couldn’t find any, the employer must do a labor market study that lasts 60-90 days. You’ll find the rest of the prerequisites in the form.

In addition, depending on whether the foreigner is sponsored under Tier-2 or Tier-5, the employee sponsoring the foreigner will pay between €21 and €200. However, several European countries are exempt from the tax.

Furthermore, if a Tier-2 general or intra-company relocation certificate is assigned, the firm sponsoring the foreigner’s work visa must pay for the immigration skills cost. If this cost is not paid within ten days of receiving the sponsorship certificate, the worker’s visa will be canceled.

Sponsorship Certificate Types

The sort of sponsorship certificate given to a non-European worker is determined by the skills she possesses and the type of work she will perform in the country. The tier-2 CoS is for a skilled foreign employee who will be working for a long time, whereas the tier-5 CoS is for workers who will be working for a short time.

Websites for Job Sponsorships in Europe


Indeed.com is the best worldwide job posting platform, bringing together both foreign and domestic job searchers and employers. It is a real American organization that offers visa employment sponsorship offers from a variety of European countries, including the United Kingdom, Greece, the Netherlands, France, and others. You can look up information like newly listed job openings, payment, and criteria.


LinkedIn is a well-known professional social networking site that offers a variety of job opportunities for people at all levels of experience. There are ways to refine your search to locate a certain job type you want, as well as European job visa sponsorships.


Jooble is the most popular website for European visa work sponsorships, with over 250,000 job ads per day from various social media platforms. They have teamed up with Facebook and LinkedIn to bring together people from various industries and professional trajectories.


Getting a European job sponsorship visa is the ideal way to work in a European country like the United Kingdom or the Netherlands, as these countries need you to get a job first. This opportunity allows foreigners to demonstrate their knowledge of the European country in which they intend to operate.

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