Are Recliners Bad for Your Back? 2023 Expert Guide to Using Recliners

One of the major concerns of people interested in using recliners is the health implication. This is why such questions like “are recliners bad for your back?” are widely common.

Today, we’ll be looking at this question extensively and getting answers that everybody interested in a reclining chair should read. Follow me.

Recliners Make Good Relaxing Furniture

Recliners are considered a conventional relaxing, and versatile furniture addition to any room. Their soft cushions provide comfort in homes as many users of recliners come to lie in them after a long day’s work or to watch their favorite shows.

However, it seems as though the relaxation is being countered as the concerns of back aches supposedly caused by the recliners are of utmost concern. Some say it is a myth, while some people might think otherwise.

The question remains, can recliners cause back pains? Well, we’re about to find out.

Usually, recliners provide adequate lumbar support for your back if kept at the correct position or angle needed for the user to use for an extended period.

There is no doubt that recliners are beneficial, but if handled in the wrong manner can increase the chances of lower back pains.

In this detailed guide, a clear explanation regarding lumbar support, postural changes, and ways to correct the improper use of the recliners cause backaches to its users.

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So, Are Recliners bad for your back?

Recliners may potentially hurt your lower back when you sit without proper lumbar support, especially when there’s a gap between the back of the chair and your back which in turn will cause you to slouch. Slouching your back pushes the muscles and ligaments of the lower back causing them to hurt.

When sitting on a recliner or any chair in general, there are only two factors that are considered when deciding if your back might get hurt or not, and that is posture and lumbar support.

Recliners provide these factors, that’s why they are beneficial and comfortable.

Posture improvement and lumbar support are seemingly intertwined as a remedy to one is typically a solution to both, which reduces the lower back’s pain.

A regular chair that provides little or no support to the arm and back may cause people to slouch to look for support which causes back and also neck pains.

The use of a recliner in this context is to provide extensive lumbar support, thereby allowing your lower back to lay against the chair properly. It helps correct the postural change and enhances the proper posture when sitting for a long time.

If there are still intermittent back aches even after setting the recliner in its proper position, it is essential to look for a better seating or laying solution which provides a better posture change and sufficient lumbar support.

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Health Benefits Of a Recliner Chair

It is a known fact that receivers provide many health benefits to their users, which some people aren’t aware of. If you’re one of the uninformed folks, here are some health benefits of a reclining chair that may be surprising to you:

Enhances Posture

The use of recliners encourages an excellent postural change by helping to reduce pressure on the lower back. It is a uniquely designed backseat that strengthens the natural curvature of the sound by promoting a better sitting posture.

Better Rejuvenation

Recliners have comfortable cushions that allow you to relax and refresh after a long and busy day. They also stimulate sleep in a conducive position.

Also, one of the best things about the recliner is its gentle vibration setting feature which acts as a massage chair.

These fantastic features let you load off any pressure and drift into a world of peace and deep comfort. After the soothing massage from the recliner, you can have a peaceful sleep at night.

Promotes Better Blood Circulation

Apart from recliners relieving stress and fatigue, they also promote better blood circulation in the body. They promote better blood circulation by relaxing your body for an extended period allowing blood to circulate efficiently. Furthermore, the vibration feature on reclining chairs helps strengthen and relax muscles.

Relieving Tension and Discomfort

The design of a recliner provides coziness and ample comfort, which makes it more convenient than regular chairs. Want an ideal seat to relax on for a healthier livelihood? Try a recliner today and ease any tension you may have.

As recliners provide satisfaction, they’re excellent for people with body pains. Reclining chairs relieve tension and stress and allow more apparent thinking space for better productivity.

Increases Immunity

Receiving chairs has the proficiency to increase your body’s immunity. A lot of people may wonder how but it has everything to do with proper relaxation and easy circulation of blood.

Adequate rest not only improves the body’s immune system but allows the proper release of healthy body hormones. Additionally, it improves breathing as it helps rid CO2, which helps improve the respiratory organs.

How to Choose a Chair For Lumbar Support?

Recline chairs usually come with measurements to suit your body measurement as well. The chairs come with a height, breadth, and depth measure. The correct measurement of your body size reduces probable pressure on your body, especially your back.

To select a recliner, you’d already know your body type and what size they fall into so you don’t get a chair that’s too small or too tall to avoid unnecessary body or back pains. The following heights and body types classify the styles of reclining chairs:

  • Petite Body Types (5’4″ and lower)
  • Average Body Types (5’5″ – 5’9″)
  • Tall Body Types (5’10” – 6’2″)
  • Huge Body Types (6’3″ and above)

Recliners come in several styles, and some have particular designs that support a person’s upper, mid and lower back. As well as offering support and aiding correct posture, different styles of recliners provide extra lumbar support than some other designs.

When planning to get a reclining chair, research the needs, focus, and highlights precisely. Also, check for an unusual deep gap around the seat and backseat to figure out the lumbar support on your recliner. If there are any gaps, it may cause backaches throughout usage.


In conclusion, are recliners bad for your back? Absolutely not! Reclining chairs are excellent in providing comfort and proper posture by reducing any backaches.

The only time a recliner may not be fitting for your back is if it’s misused. You can experience lumbar discomfort and other severe health problems. But as long as the recliner is properly used, there’ll be no issues with using them for long hours.