Find Out What Conditions Cause Back Pain & Remedy It

lower Back pain

You may have suffered back pain at one time or currently experiencing some sort of pain, either at your lower back or middle back. Back pain is pretty rampant these days and many a time, they develop without a specific cause. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), most adults (a whopping … Read more

Choosing The Best Recliners for Sleeping After Shoulder Surgery [2023 Review]

Best recliner for sleeping after shoulder surgery

Interested in a recliner to recuperate following the success of your shoulder surgery? I’ve put together this review of the best recliners for sleeping after shoulder surgery in 2023.  Surgery Recovery is Tasking! Surgeries aren’t a joke and the recuperating/recovery period can get really inconvenient if you don’t plan for it on time. This is … Read more

Choosing The Best Recliners for Sleeping in 2023 [Buying Guide & Review]

You can’t do without a good sleep, and for some people, recliners make for the ideal sleep chair, even better than the most comfy beds. This is why opting for the best recliners for sleeping is the top choice for certain people with specific needs. Like folks suffering from conditions such as acid reflux or … Read more

8 Best Lay Flat Power Recliners 2022 Review


So, you’re looking at getting a lay flat power recliner? You have heard a few good things about them and maybe your surgeon or podiatrist (pain doctor) recommended you try these comfy chairs to relax and heal up. You are in luck, we would be highlighting some of the best lay flat power recliners on … Read more

Best Nursery Glider for Tall Parents [2022 Review]

Are you a little taller than average and need a good nursery glider for tall parents and not just the typical gliders and rocking chairs suited for average height parents? Are you looking for comfortable ways of cuddling your baby to sleep? Are you tired of carrying your little one because they prefer constant motion? … Read more

The 5 Best Recliners for Short Persons [2022 Review]

Flash furniture recliner for short person

Are you looking for the best recliners for short people/persons? If you have a small stature, you will agree that it sometimes feels great to sit and relax in chairs that are somewhat too big for you. …But you may be doing more harm to yourself than you realize. You could even be getting yourself … Read more

Best Ischial Bursitis Pillow and Cushion [2022 Review and Buying Guide]

best ischial bursitis Seat cushion for tailbone pain relief

In a world where people spend hours working at their desks, sitting long hours is suddenly a norm. Unfortunately, this ‘norm’ has an unpleasant dark side – you experience extreme pain around your bottom. This is often due to the inflammation of the ischial bursa which is sheltered by the ischial tuberosity bone, a condition that’s … Read more