Best Living Room Chair for Back Pain 2023 [Reviews and Buying Guide]

Nothing beats the feeling of coming back home to enjoy the comfort of your living room chair – especially ones made specifically to combat back pain.

These chairs are soft and wide enough for lumbar support. Others are built with vibrating mechanisms for massaging the back muscles.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Living Room Chair for Back Pain

We’ve talked about back pain extensively on this blog because it’s a serious problem that vast numbers of people in the world are suffering from today. Back pain (upper and lower back pain) is usually associated with posture which is why it is mostly blamed on long hours of standing or sitting in the workplace, especially with a bad posture.

We sometimes sit or stand improperly, which stresses our spine and back muscles, and causes fatigue. Whatever the case, having a living room chair to help you relax is one of the best ways to combat back pain. We have put together this guide to help you pick out the best living room chairs for back pain if you’re suffering from back pain.

Best Living Room Chairs for Back Pain

If you are on this page, it means you are interested in getting a living room chair to help combat your backache and neck pain issues. There are thousands of similar products in the market and picking one can be daunting. To help narrow down your search, we have reviewed a few of the best living room chairs for combating back pain and here they are.

ANJ Recliner Chair –R6488

ANJ Recliner living room chair for back pain

This particular recliner blends perfectly into your living room settings. The ANJ R6488 Recliner chair can recline to 145˚ and is heavily padded to ensure 100% comfort at all times.

The chair is made with quality fabric and can support your feet and lumbar. Maintenance is also very easy as all you need is a clean cloth to wipe off the dirt from your recliner.

It has sturdy feet, enough to support body weight as much as its 300lbs weight capacity. Even though this chair isn’t equipped with swivel or rocking properties as you would find in ottoman set, they are comfortable enough to help you relax, with a backrest that adjusts to accommodate your body movements.

Key Features

  • Heavily padded armrests and seats
  • Seat height is 21.7 inches, and 23.2 inches wide.

What we like

  • Can recline up to 145 degrees to relax the feet and body
  • Made of fluffy and soft materials for extra comfort
  • Can be a great addition to the living room furniture
  • Easy to maintain and clean

What we dislike

  • Does not rock or swivel
  • Not available in a wide range of colors

CANMOV Power Recliner For Elderly

Canmov power lift living room chair

This living room recliner was built with the elderly folks in mind. One of the best ergonomic chair you can purchase, this is built with a heavy-duty mechanism.

The CANMOV Rower recliner can recline back or tilt until the occupier is in an almost-erect position. This comfortable and soft chair has a thick pillow stuffed at the back and with its anti-skid upholstery; it is safe for both the young and elderly.

It also has a side pocket for holding books and phones so you do not have to stress yourself to move around the room. The CANMOV power recliner is also easy to install but must only be used by a specialist’s prescription.

Buying this CANMOV product comes with additional confidence as there is a 1-year warranty attached to it.

Key Features

  • Heavily padded seats and armrest
  • Antiskid upholstery
  • Shallow seat
  • Remote control
  • Thick and soft backrest
  • 1-year warranty

What we like

  • Super-soft padding for 100% comfort
  • Supports the lumbar and spine and reduces back pains
  • Has a remote control for easy maneuvering
  • Can recline or tilt to an upright position
  • Durable and easy to install

What we dislike

  • Doesn’t rock or swivel

Domesis Cortez Recliner Chair

Domesis Cortez Push Back Recliner Living Room Chair

If you want a comfortable recliner for pain relief, look the way of the Domesis Cortez. It is very easy to assemble and is adorned with quality antique metallic accents. This stylish Domesis Cortez Push Back chair reclines back easily and is balanced (because of the quality materials it is built with and because it is propped on four angled legs).

It is thickly padded for premium comfort and covered with easy-to-clean material and durable springs in the right spots. When fully reclined, the chair extends to as long as 64 inches.

Key Features

  • Quality linen upholstery
  • Angled legs
  • Bronze head accents for additional sophistication

What we like

  • Made from hardwood which makes it durable
  • Offers unending comfort
  • Can stand heavy usage
  • The recliner is easy to assemble
  • Can blend into formal room settings because of its sophistication

What we dislike

  • It is not for large folks (bulky people) as the recliner is on the small side
  • Seat cushion might be too firm


 Mac Motion Pub Leisure Chair

Mac Motion Leisure Sitting Room Chair

The Mac Motion leisure sitting room chair is made of quality fabric with bright colors.  This chair has sturdy hardwood frames for durability, thickly padded and soft seat, and backrest as well as a 360-degree swivel capability for added convenience. It has elaborate winged armrests and thick tubular steel to support your weight.

The foams are covered in different layers and they help reduce back pain by increasing circulation to several parts of your body. The straw fabric covering, steel and hardwood frame, chair design and comfort all work together to help you relax and feel better.

Key Features

  • 360 degrees swivel capability
  • Padded winged arms
  • Thick and comfortable seat and back support
  • High-quality fabric covering

What we like

  • The swivel makes it more convenient to use
  • Padded seats and arms make it comfortable
  • Comes in beautiful colors

What we dislike

  • The chair is very heavy
  • Small chair and not suitable for very tall folks

Mid-Century Retro Modern Upholstered Back Chair

Mid-Century Living Room Fabric Chair

It doesn’t count how your living room furniture is arranged or styled. This Retro Modern sling chair will blend effortlessly into it. Besides having an antique touch, this lounging chair is durable, and comfortable, thanks to the thick cushion placed in it.

The Mid-Century retro-modern back chair cushions are made from denim fabric (which is easy to clean) and are removable or replaceable. The chair is easy to assemble and can stand a weight of 330lbs without breaking.

Key Features

  • Sturdy frame
  • Made of walnut wood
  • Splayed legs
  • Upholstered seat

What we like

  • Easy to assemble once you figure out the instructions
  • Can fit into any contemporary décor setting
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Brings back the classic 50’s and 60’s feeling into your living room

What we didn’t like

  • Assembling instructions may not be clear and hence become difficult to figure out
  • Some of the screws don’t align
  • No padded armrests

Esright Electric Power Lift Recliner

Esright Power Lift Recliner for Living Room

This recliner screams “Modern”. It blends perfectly into your living room furniture style and brings a touch of modernity to the overall look. The Esright Power Recliner is remote controlled and can recline or tilt to an almost horizontal (150 degrees) and erect position respectively. This recliner is thickly padded with lumbar heating and vibrating massage function.

The Esright Power Life Recliner chair is already assembled so you can start using it right away. Additionally, it has USB ports for charging your gadgets. This sturdy recliner can support weight as much as 320lbs. Pu leather gives it an interesting look and feel too.

Key Features

  • Silent working electric power lift
  • USB ports for low power gadgets
  • Thick and comfortable padding
  • Lumbar Heating and vibrating massage capabilities

What we like

  • Remote controlled for easy maneuvering
  • The already-assembled chair takes a few minutes to install
  • Cup holders and USB ports for added convenience
  • The chair is covered in anti-pilling and anti-felting material which is equally soft and warm on the skin
  • Side pockets can be used for storing books and other small items

What we didn’t like

  • It sometimes makes a popping noise when tilting forward (lifting)

Tuoze Home Theater Ergonomic Recliner

Tuoze Living Room Chair

This modern-styled recliner is one of the best lounge chair that brings an air of elegance and class into your home. It has a backrest that reclines to as much as 145 degrees and footrests that extends out when needed.

The ergonomic design ensures that this chair reduces pressure on your back and supports good posture. The chair is covered in quality fabric for aesthetics and built with wood and metal frames for durability.

Key Features

  • 145 degrees recline backrest
  • Movable footrest
  • Curved armrests to dissipate arm pressure

What we like

  • Padded and comfortable sofa
  • Made with metal and wooden frame for durability
  • Effective for space management
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can accommodate tall people
  • Pocket-friendly price

What we dislike

  • None

Buying Guide

There are different living room chairs for back pains with different features. Some of the most prominent features you’d see on a living room chair (including recliners) for back pain include:

Massage Functions

These living room chairs have firm lumbar support and grooves where you can place your hands and feet. They have a button, which controls the vibrator and when turned on, vibrates to give the body and back a proper massage.

Heating Effects

Some of these living room chairs have heating mechanisms, which generate a certain amount of heat around the areas where your back will rest.  They are built in such a way that they can firmly but subtly press against your back, massaging every inch of it and making you feel good.

Heating and Vibrating Properties

These types of chairs provide premium relief for any back issues. While the vibrating properties massage all over the body, the heating effect goes through every part and layer of your spine to balance any irregularities and make you comfortable.

Understand that your back pain would be better managed by a consistent and proper massage and heating.

Other helpful classification of living room chair for back pain include:

Broad-Backed Living Room Chairs for Back Pain

Some living room chairs are built with very broad backs for 100% lumbar support. Some of them have adjustable armrests and seats, to enable you to have all the comfort you need to do away with backaches.

Ergonomic Yoga Ball Chairs

These are uniquely built with special features to help every part of the body relax. They are built to keep the body in the appropriate posture, which is the main cause of back pains. With ergonomic yoga ball chairs, you can avoid back pain or effectively manage t f you have t already.


Recliners are one of the most popular living room chairs for combating back pain. They can be reclined to zero gravity position where your heart and legs are on the same horizontal line. The position helps the body to relax and reduces the load on the spine.


Are you battling back pain? Do you intend to invest in a living room chair for back pain? You need to ask yourself a few questions;

Is It A High-Quality Product?

The main reason people prefer one product to another is quality. Quality means having good value for your money. Ensure that the furniture you are purchasing is made with premium materials, sturdy, easy to operate, and maintain, and also durable.

What Features Do I Need?

Some of the chairs as earlier discussed are built with heating or vibrating properties or both. Some can recline to almost 180 degrees while some have a built to support the whole body part. Whichever you choose depends on what features you prioritize.

Can It Blend Well With My Home Furniture?

Most people purchase recommended chairs that would blend well with their home furniture. A few people don’t care but if you purchase a product that matches your furniture or complements it, it can add to the aesthetics of your living room. People also have their color preferences, which is another thing to consider before purchasing a chair for back pain.

What Is My Budget?

If you do not have much cash, you can make a budget and make research as to which of the chairs fits in. sometimes, the most effective isn’t the most expensive. It just depends on what your needs are and what works for you.

Is There Reliable Customer Support And Warranty?

When you purchase a living room chair for back pain, there is always a warranty for at least 1 year. These manufacturers ensure that the product quality is guaranteed and also provide a reliable customer care service, in case you have issues with your purchase. Some companies equally offer a money-back guarantee. All you should do is pick a preferred service, find the manufacturer who offers it before letting go of your money.

Final Thoughts

Back pain doesn’t feel good and could impede your productivity. With any of the best sofa, lounge chair or recliner that can fit into your living room, back pain sufferers can improve their overall health. We reviewed some of the best chair that affords you this opportunity at ‘comfortable’ prices. Be sure to snag the one that fits your needs.