6 Best Video Editing Desks of 2023 You Should See

Many people seem to forget the importance of ergonomics in work efficiency. Your workplace plays an important role in your productivity. You need to have the proper resources to ensure comfort and creativity. For someone who spends many hours editing videos, comfort should be a priority.

No matter how much you love your job, sometimes even your most passionate job can become tiring if you don’t have a comfortable workstation.

If you’re a video editor, then you probably already know how important it is to have the right video editing desk. Video editing takes a lot of time and focus, which requires you to sit in one place for long hours and that can take a toll on your body without a suitable video editing desk to work with.

This is why you need a good video editing desk that is comfortable enough for you to work efficiently and has sufficient space to accommodate all your essential hardware.

To make your job easier we’ve done the research and have compiled a list of what we consider to be some of the best video editing desks available on the market that cannot only provide you with comfort while you work but also help to boost your productivity.

Best Video Editing Desks of 2023 Review

Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Corner Desk

Mr. Ironstone L-Shaped Corner video editing desks

Looking for a simple video editing desk? Look no further.  This desk is no doubt one of the best video editing desks on the market. Where simplicity meets aesthetics, there you find Mr. Ironstone L-shaped computer desk.

Its simplicity and sleekness can make anyone fall in love with it at first sight. The wide tabletop surface provides enough space to accommodate 2-3 monitors and desktop computers, as well as other essentials.

Designed with carbon fiber to give your workstation a cool look, both sides of the desk are the same lengths and you can easily switch to either side as you desire.

For your convenience, it comes with a cup holder and headphone hooks to allow you to enjoy working, gaming, or reading comfortably. Even better, there’s plenty of room for your legs to rest and move comfortably.

Its L-shape design makes it perfect even for those who have limited spaces as it can fit snugly into a corner and help you make the most of your space.

More on space-saving, it comes with an optional space-saving monitor shelf for lifting your monitor, leaving enough space on your table surface for your keyboard and mouse, writing, arms stretching, and doing other computer work. It is a great choice for home offices and dormitories.

This isn’t just another fancy desk that could degrade easily. Rest assured that Mr. Ironstone has designed this desk with you in mind to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

To ensure sturdiness and durability, the desk is constructed by a high-quality P2 MDF board and Z-Shaped metal frame that can support heavyweights. The desk frame is made of heavy-duty powder-coated steel which makes it stable and durable.

The adjustable footpads help keep the table stable even when the floor is uneven.

Selling Points

  • The L-shaped design makes it easy to fit into a corner to maximize space
  • It can serve as a video editing desk, gaming desk, writing desk, and more
  • There’s plenty of room underneath the table for storage and legs to move freely
  • The desk can easily support 2-3 monitors and desktop computers without fear of collapsing
  • The space-saving monitor shelf helps to lift your big monitors, leaving plenty of space on the desk surface for your keyboard and mouse
  • You can install the monitor shelf on either side of the table to suit your preference
  • It is fast and easy to assemble
  • The desk is anti-skidding, anti-scratch, and easy to clean

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Himimi 63 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Himimi 63 Inch Ergonomic Gaming video editing Desks

The Himimi 63 inch gaming desk is undoubtedly one of the best gaming desks available on the market for video editors. It is not just a desk for gaming; it is designed in such a way that makes it ideal for almost anything and any kind of computer work, including video editing.

What makes this 63″ table so special? This bad boy comes with plenty of features that make it stand out, making it a great option for any video editor.

Firstly, let’s talk about the ample desktop space that allows you to fit up to four monitors for multitasking, while also leaving enough space on the desk for your keyboard and mouse, and for you to work freely and comfortably.

There is a game controller rack to organize your gamepads and hold your phone while you work; a cup holder and headphone hooks that you can switch to the left or right side at your convenience; two cable management holes and a cable management box to organize your cables and keep your table neat.

All of these features help to keep your desktop organized with enough workspace for you to work efficiently and comfortably while having your other essential video editing tools conveniently close to you.

When you’re thirsty and need a drink, there’s a cup holder. When you need a headphone to listen to your videos, there’s a headphone hook. Everything you need is within your reach.

For durability, the Himimi 63 inch desktop is constructed with an ultra-stable and sturdy T-shaped leg design.

The high-quality steel frame structure makes the desk very stable and can carry all your video editing equipment without any additional support rod. The thick high-quality all-metal legs can support a maximum weight of 300 lbs.

Let’s not forget the top-quality carbon fiber textured surface with reflective stripes which are smooth to the touch and very comfy. Also worthy of mention is the fully tailored mouse pad, thick and smooth that adds a cool look to your workstation.

Selling Points

  • It comes with adjustable foot pads to protect your floor and help the desk keep stable on an uneven floor
  • There is ample space underneath the table for free leg movement and storage files
  • The free large size waterproof mouse pad protects your desktop surface and is easily washable
  • It is suitable for your home office, game room, bedroom, dorm room, or study.
  • The desk is easy to assemble and easy to maintain
  • It makes a perfect gift for males and game lovers
  • The cable management system helps to keep the desk neat and well organized.
  • The desktop can accommodate up to four monitors and can support a weight of up to 300 lbs

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Ecoprsio L-Shaped Computer Gaming Desk

Ecoprsio L-Shaped Computer Gaming video editing Desk

When you think about elegance, the Ecoprsio L-Shaped computer desk comes to mind. The desktop surface is made of carbon fiber that is smooth as silk with watertight and non-stick fingerprint features.

This desk is sure to stand out wherever you put it, whether in your living room, workstation, gaming room, or bedroom. Although it is designed for gaming, it makes a perfect addition to your workstation for video editing and doing any other computer work.

Its spacious desktop surface has a large storage space that can support up to 3 monitors. It also comes with a keyboard tray and a cable management tray attached underneath the desk to create extra space on the table for your important items.

There’s no need to think too much about where to put it, the L-Shape design allows you to easily fit the desk into a corner to maximize your limited space.

What’s more, this gaming desk is designed with a superior quality metal frame and high standard carbon fiber-textured desktop. The T-shaped metal frame design ensures sturdiness and durability and supports a maximum weight of 300 pounds. The adjustable foot pads ensure that the desk stays balanced even on uneven floors.

The L-Shaped gaming desk also comes with a cup holder and headphone hooks for your convenience.

Selling Points

  • The L-shaped design allows you to make the most of your small space
  • It has a spacious tabletop that can accommodate up to 3 monitors
  • It comes with a keyboard tray and a cable management box to provide more space for other essentials on the desktop
  • The adjustable foot pads allow the desk to remain stable on uneven ground
  • The T-shaped metal frame ensures sturdiness and can support heavyweights of up to 300 lbs.
  • It comes with all necessary accessories numbered with clear instructions for easy assembling
  • The desktop surface is watertight and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth
  • It comes with a 2-year support

Designa 55 inch Gaming Desk with LED Lights

Designa 55 inch Gaming Desk with LED Lights

This fashionably constructed gaming desk makes a perfect choice for any workstation or home office.

Although it was designed for gaming, it comes with a lot of features that make it an ideal choice for any kind of computer work including video editing. Besides, it can make a great addition to your living room, bedroom, or study even with limited space.

The Designa gaming desk provides a wide desktop surface for your monitor or laptop, keyboard, mouse, and other office essentials needed for video editing. 

There’s plenty of space for you to stretch your arms and be comfortable. The desk is made with durable waterproof carbon fiber textured finishing which interacts safely with the environment and does not degrade easily.

It also comes with a free waterproof mouse pad to protect your desktop and better maximize your work experience.

Interestingly, this desk comes with a cup holder and double headset hooks which can be installed either on the left or right according to your usage habits to help you work conveniently. 

There is also a game controller rack with four USB ports attached for charging your phones, tabs, and headphones while you work.

To help you better organize your desktop, the Designa 55 inch gaming desk comes with two cable grommets and a cable management box to keep your desktop neat and perfectly organized.

There’s plenty of legroom underneath the table to move your legs comfortably. The adjustable leg pads help to protect your carpet and support stability on any kind of floor.

Selling Points

  • It can be used for multiple purposes
  • The desktop surface offers a large working space
  • It is suitable for small spaces
  • The cup holder headphone hooks and gaming handle rack allows you to work conveniently
  • The cable grommets and cable box helps to keep your desktop surface organized
  • It comes with a free waterproof mouse pad and six-colored RGB LED Lights that makes the desk look cool
  • With the well-organized installation guide, it takes only about 20 minutes to assemble the desk
  • It is designed with high quality thicker steel legs and carbon fiber textured surface for durability
  • The desktop surface is waterproof, none stick, anti-scratch, and easy to clean

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Designa 60 inch Gaming Desk

What’s better than a Designa gaming desk? A bigger Designa gaming desk!

The Designa 60 inch gaming desk is bigger and better with upgraded features that allow you to enjoy better gaming or working experience.

Let’s start with the obvious fully tailored mouse pad. This 60-inch gaming desk comes with a fully covered no-crease mouse pad that is comfortably thick and smooth to the touch.

Let’s not forget the larger desktop surface that offers a more spacious workspace with enough room to accommodate 2-3 monitors, screens, printers, etc.  And with a wider table comes a wider leg space underneath for leg stretching and storing file cabinets.

There are also the upgraded table accessories such as the game controller rack with two large tiers for the gamepad, three small tiers for video game cassette, and four USB charging ports.

A few more accessories like a cup holder that can hold cans and mugs, and headphone hooks that you can also use to hang towels, both of which can be easily switched to either the left or right side of the table according to your preference; cable management holes and socket holder to better organize your cables and help you maintain a clean desktop.

For sturdiness and durability, the 60-inch desk is designed with waterproof and anti-scratch P2 particle board and all-metal legs that better resist corrosion.

 Another important feature of this desk is the footpads that can be adjusted for different heights to support the desk stability on uneven floors and also keep your floors protected from ruin.

This desk just does everything right!

It is simple and attractive and has everything you need for when you’re gaming or working long hours. This makes it perfect for your home, office, workstation, or game room. And it is very much suitable for video editing.

Selling Points

  • It has a carbon fiber textured desktop
  • It comes with a fully covered cool and high precision mouse pad
  • There’s a multifunctional gaming handle rack
  • There’s a cup holder and headphone hooks that can also hold towels
  • It has a sturdy and durable T-shaped leg frame that can support up to 200 pounds of weight
  • The cable grommets and power socket box help to keep your cables and desktop organized
  • The adjustable foot pads keep the desk balanced on uneven floors

Mr. Ironstone Electric Height Adjustable desk

Oh yes! An electric height adjustable desk! Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? Just hearing the name can get you excited. The height adjustment feature of this desk makes it a must-have for any video editor.

For someone who spends long hours editing videos, wouldn’t it be nice to have a height-adjustable desk? 

When you’re tired from sitting for too long, with the push of one button you can easily adjust the height of the table to conveniently match your standing position so that you can enjoy working while you stand.

There’s a motorized lift system that ensures smooth adjustment from 28.23” to 45.3”. This desk lets you work comfortably whether in a sitting or standing position.

Even better, it comes with four memory keys that allow you to instantly switch between customized heights simply by pressing any of the keys.

On top of that, it has a solid construction of high-quality P2 MDF boards and durable thicker steel frames that ensure sturdiness and supports a maximum weight of 150 lbs.

The desktop surface can accommodate 2-3 monitors as well as other office supplies. The desk also provides plenty of legroom for your legs to stretch freely.

Also added for your convenience are the cup holder and headphone hook. You don’t need to worry about knocking over your cup or where to keep your headphones. Both of them are just an arm stretch away.

The desk also comes with two cable management holes and a power strip tray so that you don’t clutter your desk or wind your cables. Your desk can stay neat and perfectly organized, leaving enough room on the table for your office supplies.

Selling Points

  • The desk is constructed by medium-density fiberboard and top-quality steel frames for stability and durability
  • The electric lifting system lets you adjust the height in less than 10 seconds with just the push of a button
  • The desktop can support 2-3 monitors without fear of collapsing
  • There’s a cup holder and headphone hooks for your convenience
  • It can serve as a multipurpose desk for different scenes
  • It comes with two grommets and a power strip tray to better organize your cables and desktop surface
  • It is great for small spaces