Does AB Lounge Work? (Will this Abdominal Workout Chair Help Build Abs?)

does ab lounge work

You’ve seen people with killer abs and you’re wondering if you getting an AB lounge chair would help you achieve same. Well, if you are seriously considering the Ab lounge chair and want to know if this workout chair is more than just an after-exercise chair really works, this article is for you. The AB … Read more

Find Out What Conditions Cause Back Pain & Remedy It

lower Back pain

You may have suffered back pain at one time or currently experiencing some sort of pain, either at your lower back or middle back. Back pain is pretty rampant these days and many a time, they develop without a specific cause. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), most adults (a whopping … Read more

Choosing The Best Recliners for Sleeping After Shoulder Surgery [2023 Review]

Best recliner for sleeping after shoulder surgery

Interested in a recliner to recuperate following the success of your shoulder surgery? I’ve put together this review of the best recliners for sleeping after shoulder surgery in 2023.  Surgery Recovery is Tasking! Surgeries aren’t a joke and the recuperating/recovery period can get really inconvenient if you don’t plan for it on time. This is … Read more

Choosing The Best Recliners for Sleeping in 2023 [Buying Guide & Review]

You can’t do without a good sleep, and for some people, recliners make for the ideal sleep chair, even better than the most comfy beds. This is why opting for the best recliners for sleeping is the top choice for certain people with specific needs. Like folks suffering from conditions such as acid reflux or … Read more

Best Leather Seat Covers for Trucks 2022 Reviews

leather seat covers for trucks

The upholstery of the interior of your truck is fragile and needs extra protection from seat covers – especially leather seat covers. Maybe you want to upgrade the interior upholstery of your old truck or you want to be proactive in protecting your new truck’s seats, quality seat covers are the best way to go. … Read more

Best Recliner for Neck Pain 2022 Review

Looking for the best recliner for neck pain? This review covers the top options to relieve you of the lingering pain in the neck. Over here at, we have extensively covered and recommended recliner chairs for a host of cases, including recovering after surgery, for the elderly and disabled, pregnant women or even getting … Read more

Best Disability Chairs with Wheels 2022 Review

best disability chairs with wheels

If you’re in the market for a chair to ease your mobility as a disabled person, there are quite a few options. In this post, we’ll look at some of the best disability chairs with wheels you can purchase today. No matter who you are, nothing can guarantee that you wouldn’t be in a situation … Read more