4 Best BBL Pillow for Quick Recovery After a Brazilian Butt Lift

If you’ve just had your Brazilian butt lift surgery done, your surgeon most likely must have recommended you get a bbl pillow. However, if you weren’t told to get one, you still need one.

 Today, I’ll be explaining what a bbl pillow is and which are the recommended best Brazilian butt lift pillows you can purchase for use after your surgery.

Intro – What is a Brazilian Butt Lift and Why Do You Need Pillows?

Brazilian butt lifts – bbl – are a surgical enhancement whereby you get a fuller, more attractive butt by transferring fat from other places in your body like your thigh and stomach to your behind.

This liposuction procedure is very popular and believed to be one of the safest methods of getting a fatter backside.

Now, after a successful bbl surgery, you need to be careful with your sitting or lying positions so as not to compromise your recent procedure.

But, how then do you cater to regular activities that require you to sit? Of course, you need to commute to work, market, business meetings, or engage in other activities where sitting is paramount.

This is where a BBL pillow comes in. A Brazilian Butt Lift pillow allows you to enjoy post-butt augmentation surgery without inconvenience or damage to your new backside.

Use Ergonomic BBL Pillows to Ease Damage to Your New Booty

Designed for occasional use, a BBL booty pillow ensures you’re not sitting your newly acquired butt on any flat surface which may cause your butt to damage.

Thanks to a unique shape that curves inward, it does this so your new BBL booty rests comfortably without damage those first few trying months.

Again, do remember that you need to be up and about a lot so that blood flow to the butt increases. This is why it’s recommended you get up once every 30 minutes.

You also need to ensure you sit in a proper position with your feet touching the floor. This will help prevent common discomforts like tingling, numbness, and even pain from your waist down.

BBL pillows like ischial tuberosity bursitis pillows cater to a defined audience. A special class audience needs a pillow designed for a special case. In the case of the Bbl pillow, you don’t want to ruin your newly structured butt, and as such an ergonomic pillow curved in to prevent you from flattening your butt was developed.

So, Is a BBL Pillow Necessary?

Like I said at the beginning of this text, yes, a bbl pillow is necessary. You need one so you can obey your surgeon’s rule of avoiding pressuring your backside.

Since you would not be sitting on your regular couch as it might dent your butt, you need to get a bbl pillow that removed the pressure through the curve.

Your surgeon would advise you not to sit or lay down carelessly for 2 – 4 weeks, how else would you achieve this than an ergonomic donut pillow like the bbl pillow?

Now that you know they’re a necessity if you would be performing a Brazilian butt lift or have already undergone the procedure, let’s take a look at the best bbl pillows for sitting after your butt lift.

Top 10 Best BBL Pillows for a Smooth Recovery Phase After Your Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Yes Indeed Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow

YesIndeed Brazlian Butt lift pillow - best bbl pillow

The YesIndeed Bbl pillow is our favorite cushion after getting that gorgeous Brazilian bump. It not only comes with the seat cushion for your rump but back support in case you need to rest your back while working.

This doctor-approved bbl pillow allows you to sit comfortably while propping your bottom so that your recovery phase is untainted. You get extra softness thanks to infused memory foam.

Able to hold up to 220 pounds of weight, this rump recovery wedge pillow takes away pressure from your bottom to your thighs, mitigating any risk of damage to your recent procedure.

Why allow surgery to derail you when you can take your bbl pillow with you everywhere you go in the accompanying drawstring bag? With this post-op bbl wedge pillow, you can sit comfortably at all times as it was designed for use on all kinds of seats.

Benefits of the YesIndeed BBL seat cushion

  • The YesIndeed Bbl seat cushion helps transfer body weight from your rear to your thighs.
  • Made of washable materials, so you can easily wash and get back to using.
  • It has an ergonomic design that’s doctor-recommended for pain free post surgery recovery.
  • Made to be lightweight and easily carried, comes with a discreet carry case.
  • Very sturdy design build and can carry up to 220 pounds.
  • Fits just about any and every seat whether your work seat, airplane or car seat.

There are a lot of customers confirming that this is the best bbl pillow you need if you’re just returning from your Brazilian booty procedure.

If you need a pillow and back support with great quality, feel free to check out this bbl cushion that keeps on impressing lots of users.

FirmBumBum BBL Booty Seat Pillow for Post Surgery Recovery

Firmbumbum bbl pillow

An interesting brand name – FirmBumBum – this bbl pillow makes your new perfect butt remain intact during your recovery phase and beyond.

Like the YesIndeed Bbl cushion above, this is an incredibly comfortable seat pillow that allows you to support your weight with your thighs so you don’t stress and stretch your new implants or fat cells.

Made with super comfortable high resilience foam and 100% polyester velboa fabric, this stylishly made pillow takes up to 190 pounds without cracking. Just sit on the seat and let your butt relax.

While you wait for a speedy recovery following your newly inserted fat cells, wouldn’t you appreciate the ultimate comfort with the best value choice of a butt pillow? This new design FirmBumBum pillow will suffice.

Benefits of the FirmBumBum BBL Booty Pillow

  • Aesthetically, it brings the feminine side to pillow with pink color that helps you recover in style
  • A capable butt pillow, can withstand up to 190 pounds of weight
  • Comfortable, yet sturdy materials like the velboa fabric it’s made of.
  • It’s comes with a lifetime guarantee

The FirmBumBum pillow is aesthetically gorgeous and is great for the trendy chic who wants to recover in style. Suffice to say, a few users are not pleased with the products but a majority are overwhelmed.

Royal Comfort BBL Pillow

Royal comfort bbl cushion

The royal comfort bbl pillow is a doctor-recommended butt lift pillow for use during your recovery stage. It’s an interesting product that many users seem to love and gets sold out quite a lot.

It boasts of being the only 3-layer butt recovery pillow available. Obviously made with solid materials that help you recover fast, the three-layer of the royal comfort bbl pillow provides support, curves around your tights, and helps you remain as comfortable as possible.

This unique layer design of the Royal comfort butt pillow was built with your recovery in mind using the highest quality eco-friendly lightweight materials to ensure you get ultimate comfort post-surgery recovery.

Benefits of the Royal Comfort BBL Pillow

  • You are getting a doctor-approved butt recovery seat pillow
  • Royal comfort cares about your privacy and as such ships discreetly with a drawstring bag for carry around.
  • The 3 layer unique design helps you recover in style and comfort.
  • This surgery pillow is machine washable
  • Comes with a carry bag and discreet cover so you don’t have to worry about prying eyes.

With lots of users complimenting the thickness and firmness of the pillow, it’s definitely a good choice.

Bootyful Curves BBL Pillow After Surgery

Bootyful curves bbl pillow cushion

Like other products I’ve talked about, the Bootyful Curves bbl pillow wants you to have a pain-free recovery process, that’s why it was made.

Following your butt augmentation surgery, you don’t want to start sitting on your newly modified ass so it doesn’t damage the form. This high-quality foam pillow lets you sit comfortably while taking the strain and passing the bulk of the weight to your thighs.

Made for comfort, style, and versatility, you can literally use this pillow on just about any seat whether car, airplane, or office chair.

It has removable covers you can take out and wash to maintain your hygiene. Your new booty needs light handling and all the comfort it can get, and that’s why you should consider this bbl pillow.

Benefits of the Bootyful Curves Bbl pillow

  • Relieves pressure in your butt area, so your Brazilian booty can heal properly
  • Comes with a back cushion for extra support and even more comfort, especially for ladies who sit up a lot.
  • Quality materials made to be durable that would last you even after your recovery period.
  • It’s not too firm nor is too soft, making it perfect for your thighs.
  • Great for traveling.

A beautiful seat cushion with back support and a sling carry bag that several users love, this bbl pillow is sure to meet your recovery needs.

How Did We Select the Best BBL Pillows Available?

With lots of hours researching, we selected highly rated bbl pillows that meet 3 key points:

  1. Comfort: The bbl pillow must be comfortable to sit on and not collapse under weight. It’s expected to have the ergonomic design to pass weight to the thighs instead of clamp down on the newly inserted fat cells or implants.
  • Material quality: The quality of the material build is important. You want a bbl surgery recovery pillow that’s made with materials that can stand the test of time. You get materials that are smooth and soft on your butt.
  • User Reviews: We’ve also considered what lots of other users have to say about these products in the last few months/years. This means combing Amazon as well as other websites where these products are sold.

How Soon Can You Use a BBL Pillow?

It depends on if you need to return to work or any activity where you must sit for hours. Dr. Otiz of Northraleigh plastic surgery recommends you take two weeks off before you resume work.

However, if you plan to return to business as usual, you need a BBL pillow ASAP.

In essence, as soon as you get off your surgery bed, you can begin using a bbl pillow.

Finally, no matter the reason for your choice to get a butt lift, whether to get your man erect more often or to increase your appeal in public, getting a bbl pillow is very beneficial.

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