Are Recliners Bad for Your Posture? 2022 Guide to Using Recliners

So, you’re interested in a reclining chair, but you want to confirm if recliners are bad for your posture or not? In this text, we’ll look extensively at this question and help you get a satisfied answer.

Recliners Make Recovery Easy

Recliners are especially helpful for people recovering from surgery because they relieve pain by relaxing and providing ample comfort to the patient while allowing proper postural balance. They are also favorable for people who walk long hours as the recliner relieves the strain on the back, neck, and hips.

Getting one that fits suitably is very important. If your recliner doesn’t support your lower back, the chair could do your body more harm than good. To help your posture, add support by tucking a rolled towel or a small cushion against your lower back. The suitable recliners for postural balance are riser recliners.

Riser reclining chairs have multiple seating positions for different preferences as it induces relaxation and comfort. They also offer the paramount sustainability of being unaided as they regulate free mobility for both young and senior users.

A recliner is worth having as it delivers excellent balance as you sit or lie down after a long day’s work. Different styles and models of recliners are available for specific purposes, so it is crucial to take your time to make a pick.

In this article, we’ll touch on postural imbalance and our best recliner recommendations, and how to improve on bad postures.

What Are the Effects Of Postural Imbalance on Recliners?

Recliners come in different sizes to suit different body types. Sitting on the wrong reclining chair size, and sitting in reclining chairs for a long time, can adversely affect the user. The effects include:

Poor Circulation

Sitting on a recliner that is too big for your size creates unusual gaps between your back and the chair’s backrest. The space can cause compression of the calf and reduce the free flow of blood around the body. Poor circulation can lead to seizures in older adults and other health complications.

Joint Pains

Slouching or stretching unusually on a recliner can stress the muscles on the joints and delicate bones over time. The muscle strains can weaken the muscle strength, thereby causing stiffness and pains to the joints and also unevenly distributing the weight of the user.

Digestive Issues

Bending and slouching while sitting to watch your favorite show on the reclining chair can squish your digestive organs, making it difficult for food to digest.

Weak Muscle

Poor posture on a recliner overworks the muscles that are not as strong as the core muscles, which work effectively and weaken them. Having a good sitting posture gives the spine its natural curvature and also strengthens the other joints in the neck, back, and hips. As time goes by, the muscles become weaker, causing pain.

Breathing Issues

A postural imbalance like slouching on any chair or even a recliner changes and compresses the rib cage reducing the space area for the lungs, which in turn makes it hard for the user to breathe correctly.

Recliners for Good Posture

Some experts recommend riser recliners as options when considering correcting bad posture and other postural defects. Good thing there are many riser recliners to choose from. Here are the selected riser recliners to choose from.

Tilt-in-Space Riser Recliner

The tilt-in-space riser recliner moves in specific directions at its backrest and comes together with the rest of the seat while it reclines away from the cushion by tilting at a 90-degree position.

By doing this, the pelvic region is held in place for those with lower back pains, and it allows your hip and legs to be elevated, allowing free flow of blood, reduction of swelling or edema, and also reducing the chance of rubbing. At the same time, the backrest tilts away from your back.

Wall-Hugger Recliner

The wall hugger riser recliner is a different kind of reclining chair that offers a different recline positioning which is effective when there are unwanted gaps in the chair. The backrest of the wall hugger carefully glides in forward as it reclines. To be effective, ensure enough space against the wall from the chair.

Dual Motor Recliner

The dual motor reclining chair is excellent for not just posture balance but excellent lumbar support as the motors powering the backrest and headrest can be adjusted unaided. The good thing about this recliner is that it provides excellent support to the back and neck and, thereby, safety and relaxation.

How Do Recliners Improve Bad Sitting Posture?

Recliners can help to improve poor posture in several ways. These include:

Assisting Your Spine:

The efficient lumbar support of a reclining chair improves the user’s spine curve. The headrest and backrest on the recliners set in the correct position reduce the possibility of slouching or bending as you sit upright without putting extra strain or pressure on your spine by holding up the user’s head in the correct position.

Improving Comfort:

While it is knowledgeable that setting plays a vital role health-wise, posture is essential and even more significant as people ordinarily sit while working, eating, and going about their daily life.

As it impacts people, reclining chairs come in different styles, sizes, and structures, but they all provide a particular function which is comfort. Recliners give relaxation to their users as they are made from high-quality materials, very thick but surprisingly soft cushions, and painless pressure points, which make them very different from any regular chairs.

Changing Positions:

Using a reclining chair allows easy movements in several positions as they help prevent users from staying in a particular position for a long time. With the reclining headrest and backrest, the legs and hip are kept elevated to restrain muscular stiffness or poor circulation for young and specially aged users, which may result in serious health complications over time.

Increased Mobility:

Using reaching chairs increases all-around movements as it helps ease in and out of the chairs. It also reduces stiff joints from staying in one position for a long time.

The easy movement of the recliner makes it logical to move the body around. It enhances muscle and bone stability, reducing joint and body pains and falling off the chair.


Mostly, recliners are excellent for posture and correcting postural defects when used correctly. They not only correct, but they also provide excellent comfort while doing so.

Additionally, it is crucial to note that the misuse of receivers may do more harm than the intended purpose so follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturers of these fabulous chairs.

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