Can Office Chair Fit In Sedan? 2023 Tips

So, today you’re trying to know if you can fit an office chair in a sedan. Not to worry, this article will cover the topic extensively and you should be able to deduce if you can fit it and what to do if you can’t on the first try.

Fitting Office Chair in Your Car

Not like it is a nice thing to fit large irregularly shaped objects into your car but you actually can, depending on the size difference between the object and your car as well as if it is detachable.

Sometimes, you may need to change your office furniture, and then you need to carry this new office chair to your workplace using your Sedan for instance.

The Sedan is quite a smallish car when compared with an SUV (so, you cannot expect the space that is available in both cars for loading and moving stuff to be the same). However, if you’re looking for expert advice on how to fit your office chair in your Sedan then you have come to the right place.

Truth be told, you can fit an office chair in your Sedan but it is advisable to contact a moving company if you need to move furniture or other large irregularly shaped objects like an office chair.

Can You Fit a Chair In Your Car?

If you try to fit bulky items in a small space like the trunk of a car, it will only take creativity to help you do that successfully. Not to worry you need not rack your brains as we have some tips documented here for you.

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Can Office Chair Fit in Sedan? If yes, How?

First, you need to be aware that if you try to force the seat into the trunk of the car, you might damage the trunk or backseat finishing. So what do you do? You should cover all sharp edges of the chair with cardboard paper – this will protect your car and the chair from damage during and after the journey or moving.

Another idea is detaching all the detachable pieces of the chair and putting them safely in a bag till you get to where you’re going. This is a very risky tip because you may not have the know-how to fix some of the chair pieces the way they used to be when they came from the manufacturer.

Some parts of the chair rely on other parts and this could mean you dismantling the whole chair – too much for just transporting right? So you need to use discretion in this case.

Can You Fit An Armchair In Your Sedan?

So you have an armchair and you’re moving with it for whatever reason, yet you’re not going to call the professional movers. Now, you’re wondering if the armchair will fit in your little Sedan.

You may already know that your armchair is not dismantle-able.  So to fit into the trunk of your Sedan, you need a considerable amount of space.

For a normal Sedan, the trunk measurement is around 38” deep by 39” high by about 57” in width. This space will not be enough to fit an armchair and if you try to force it too much, you may end up ruining the upholstery.

You may need to dismantle and maneuver the car’s seats if you must transport your armchair in the Sedan.

What If Your Office Chair Can’t Fit Into Your Sedan

By now you already have a clear picture of how you can maneuver your sedan’s trunk and backseat to fit your office chair.

But some office chairs were built with large folks in mind. Office chairs for large folks are going to be considerably bigger than the basic ones and hence may not fit into your sedan. What must you do in this case?

Detach some parts of the chair

If you remove certain parts of your office chair, it will make the seat more regular in shape. Parts like the armrests or the base wheels can be carefully removed and secured in a bag so they don’t go missing.

They might be irreplaceable and hence your whole chair must have been ruined. The same goes for any other parts that you detach from the chair to make it smaller.

Go on a full dismantling

Maybe you have detached some parts of the office chair but it is still too bulky to fit into your sedan, then you can embark on a full dismantling of the seat.

For novices, the concept of dismantling an office chair can be really overwhelming except if you have some experience with it and know where to begin.

Your office chair has two main parts or structures:

  • The upper part which comprises the backrest and seat and 
  • The lower part consists of the gas cylinder and wheels base.

After undoing the lower part of the office chair from the lower part with a pipe wrench, you’ll see that both parts can fit perfectly into the trunk of your sedan without much ado.

Final Thoughts

Some office chairs are pretty small that they can fit into the trunk of your sedan with proper maneuvering. Some are large such that you may need to disassemble the upper and lower parts to fit them nicely into your sedan.

Also, some office chairs might not be easy to dismantle except if you’re an expert while some are not dismantleable at all. Tampering with them might ruin them completely. At this point, your best bet is a professional mover that will have more space to comfortably carry your office chair.

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