8 Best Lay Flat Power Recliners 2023 Review

So, you’re looking at getting a lay flat power recliner? You have heard a few good things about them and maybe your surgeon or podiatrist (pain doctor) recommended you try these comfy chairs to relax and heal up.

You are in luck, we would be highlighting some of the best lay flat power recliners on the market perfect for whatever needs you have.

But, to help you understand what you’re looking for, here’s a brief intro of what these recliners are and why you should consider them.

What is a Lay Flat Power Recliner?

The lay flat power recliners are beautiful designed furniture that incorporates a powerful motor to convert them from chair to bed as the case may be. These lift chairs adjust from sleep-to-stand positions and are perfect for sleep and relaxation.

On another note, lay flat power recliners will fit in perfectly in every home, so you don’t need to be recommended before you get one for your home. They fit both your living room and your bedroom. You can also have one for your home office.

To better help you understand the many benefits of getting a top lay flat power recliner, here are some of the benefits you’d enjoy by having one.

Benefits of Having and Using Lay Flat Power Recliners

For most of us, if it’s not beneficial to us, we won’t buy it. But the lay flat lift chairs are very important for healthy living, and that’s why you should consider them. Some of these benefits include:

Ideal for Surgery Recovery

If you’re just recovering from any form of surgery (like shoulder surgery), your doctor may recommend you recliners for surgery recovery, and these recliners are designed to help you lay flat and relax to aid your recovery process.

For Soothing Pain

Tired after an exhausting day at work? You can sit back and relax on your lay flat recliner. Let your aching muscles and joints calm. Some of these recliners even have a massager to further help with relieving stress and soothing pain.

Improving Blood Circulation

You want to relieve that numbness you of your feet? Or the heaviness you feel? You can literally accomplish that simply by laying flat on lift recliner chairs.

By lying down flat and comfortable, there’s a significant improvement in the flow of blood in your body. Your heart and legs are leveled allowing more blood to get your legs and easing that numbness you feel.

Better Breathing

Reclining lift chairs usually have great back support that allows you breathe free and better. This is one reason people suffering from sleep apnea, and acid reflux most especially prefer relaxing in reclining chairs rather than beds.

Helps with Acid Reflux and Indigestion

Just like I said earlier, lay flat recliners will help you breathe better if you’re suffering from acid reflux and indigestion.

Thanks to powerful lift mechanism and adjustability, you can sit in position lowering your stomach and raising your esophagus. With this, you can keep the acidity away.

So, let’s talk about why you are here.

What are the Best Lay Flat Power Recliners to Buy?

We have carried out extensive research and decided that these are the best lay flat power recliners you will find in the market today!

Reviews of 8 Top Rated Lay Flat Power Recliners

Pride ViVaLift Infinite Lay Flat Recliner

best lay flat power recliner Pride vivalift

If you’re looking for an executive looking lay flat power recliner that will suffice for every health and relaxation need you have, this Pride VivaLift should top your options.

With everything considered from comfort to functionality this elegant looking lift chair was made to be perfect for you. If you choose to purchase it, you’d find that it’s fairly easy to setup, and won’t take more than 30 minutes to do so.

You’ll find a complete instruction manual with detailed instructions of what this lay flat recliner can do. There are lots of adjustments this power recliner can do with the remote you’ll get, whether you want to lay down flat or sit up.

This classic looking recliner is made of Badlands fabric and has a walnut finish. Solid steel frames keep it from bending under heavy weight, although, it has a max weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Product Features

  • Quality Badlands fabric
  • Walnut premium finish
  • Solid steel build
  • 300 lbs max carrying capacity
  • Remote control for adjustability


  • The aesthetics of this lay flat recliner catches the eyes and is premium looking
  • It has good enough weight limit
  • Easy setup allows you to start using in a matter of minutes after receiving
  • Heavy-duty materials used guarantees longevity
  • Comfortable badlands fabric


  • Pricing is a little stiff. But then again, you get what you pay for – premium comfort.

FirstClass Sleep-to-Stand 2 Motor Lay Flay Recliner Lift Chair

Firstclass best lay flat power recliners

Want a first class lay flat experience while using a reclining chair? The FirstClass Sleep-to-Stand lift chair offers 180° positioning for full flat laying experience. You can classify this recliner as a mix of chair and bed for maximum laying comfort.

This lift chair has 2 motors that control the footrest and backrest so they are independently controlled for effective positioning and ultra comfort. There’s even lumbar heating functionality if you’re looking for a recliner with massage functions.

Aesthetically, this FirstClass recliner brings the First class look and feel with premium luxtouch leather upholstery. Made with premium padding as well as commercial-grade frame you would less likely see in most recliners.

This recliner is designed, stocked and serviced in the USA by topnotch health professionals – Platinum Health. Enjoy lying in a recliner built for your overall well-being.

Product Features

  • Infinite positioning
  • Premium leather upholstery
  • 325lbs carrying capacity
  • Lumbar heating
  • Remote controlled


  • Powerfully built with modern needs like lumbar heating and massage functions
  • Premium materials from frames to leather upholstery gives you firstclass comfort and feel
  • You can recline up to 180 degrees easily with this true infinite positioning remote controlled lay flat power recliner
  • USA build and superior quality
  • Very comfortable to sit or lay on.
  • Separate foot and back adjustments so you can find the right angles for a perfect need to soothe pains or aches.


  • Pricing might overboard but there are monthly plans

Irene House Infinite Position Lay Flat Power Recliner

Irene House Infinite position power lay flat recliner

The Irene House lay flat recliner is an electric-powered lift chair with dual motor that allows for a convenient and comfortable rest. It has infinite position adjustments and can go between 90°to 180° (footrest, backrest, sit lift) for maximum comfort.

Older folks and people with leg/back problems will enjoy the lifting ability of this recliner as there are buttons you’ll simply push to lift the entire chair up so you can stand easily.

Design wise, the Irene House infinite position lay flat power recliner has been sturdily constructed with quality materials like metal frame, high-density padded sponge and leather material while retaining a polished, premium look and feel.

For more comfort, this lay flat recliner comes with a lumbar pillow that you can use to support your waist. Like the Pride VivaLift, the max carrying capacity of this recliner is pegged at 300 lbs.

It’s another easy to assemble lay flat power recliner you should definitely consider for yourself or your aged loved ones. There’s a solid warranty of 3 years if you’re looking for a push.

Product Features

  • High-quality leather material
  • Quiet dual motors
  • Infinite position for versatile adjustments
  • Sturdy build with solid metal frame
  • Lumbar pillow


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Uses dual motors that are really quiet
  • Great for elderly and people with back pain or leg pain that have problems standing from bed
  • Comes with a lumbar pillow for extra comfort
  • Has infinite position to adjust footrest, back rest and sit lift ranging from 90 to 180°


  • The recliner might be too high is you aren’t very tall.

Lane Home Furnishings Comfort King Recliner

This is a heavy person’s ideal recliner. It’s not called comfort king for nothing. This Lane Home furnishings recliner can carry weight of up to 500 lbs and remarkably, it’s made of a combo of hardwood frame and steel.

There’s plenty of space to snuggle in and you’ll find that the soft suede (looks like leather) material is perfectly comforting too. The build of this lay flat recliner is pretty solid as you’d expect and still very comfortable.

It’s made of 7-guage steel for strength and durability, drop-in coil sitting for longer lasting comfort, locking footrest for powerful leg support. The Lane Home comfort king recliner uses a side lever to lift up.

This made in USA power lift recliner comes partially assembled and shouldn’t take long to completely assemble.

If you have been searching for a lay flat recliner for big people, this Lane Home Furnishings comfort king recliner is all you need.

Product Features

  • Powerful lever control
  • 7-guage steel and hardwood frame
  • Leather-looking Suede material
  • Carrying weight of 500 lbs max


  • This is a typical ‘big person’ recliner. It’s huge and ideal for heavy people
  • Great lumbar and neck support
  • Very high-quality materials used, sturdily built
  • You can sleep in it comfortably for long hours
  • Assemble is a breeze with no tools needed


  • A few users complain it starts squeaking in a matter of weeks

Catnapper  Cloud 12 Chaise Power Lay Flat Recliner

Catnapper chaise power lay flat recliner

The Catnapper 6541-7 cloud 12 power lay flat recliner is a made in USA lift chair that’s built to be comfortable and relaxing. It has a luxurious feel to it with powerful functionalities built-in.

There’s a coil system comprising of 50 active coils in the seat which are encased in fiber and foam so you enjoy comfortable reclining for long hours.

This lay flat power recliner uses an exclusive Steel Tech Reclining mechanism that delivers a quiet and smooth operation every time. If comfort is what you’re looking for a recliner, the memory foam this Catnapper power lay uses will impress you.

Also, the fabric is resilient to almost all kinds of drinks, so no pressure about cleaning if you mistakenly spill your drink while reclining.

Product Features

  • Spill resistant fabric material
  • Adjustable
  • Coil system


  • Powerfully built lay flat recliner with quality materials
  • Comfortable to sit or lay on with 50 encased coils for uniform relaxation
  • Great lay flat functionality (superb adjustability)
  • Fast setup time


  • The arms are a bit too short
  • Delivery is somewhat slow

Mecor Massage and Heat Power Recliner

Mecor massage and heat best lay flat power recliner

This is one of our favorite power lay flat recliner designed with our aged parents and loved ones in mind. The Mecor power recliner has a dual-motor feature that allows both backrest and feet rest to be adjusted differently and to the desired shape.

Its materials are of sturdy build with the leather being a waterproof and easy to clean leather making it easy to blend beautifully into your room furniture.

The Mecor recliners have both heating and massage functionalities and designed to ease pain and be comfortable for sitting or when you need to take a quick nap. Pretty on the heavy side weighing 330lbs but can be moved around.

Need to lay flat up to an angle of 180 degrees? The Mecor massage and heat power recliner got you.

Product Features

  • 8 full body massage nodes and heat system for lumbar.
  • Fully remote controlled system.
  • High quality and easy to maintain leather cover.
  • USB ports for charging devices and 2 side pockets.
  • TUV motor and extra wheels


  • Metallic frame make it sturdy
  • Widened backrest for additional comfort of the body
  • There’s a remote control available for seamless operation of the chair
  • Built with quality materials to be very durable.
  • You can plug your phones and tablets while you recline with the USB ports available


  • Customer service may not be the best.
  • There’s no cup holder

MCombo Lay Flat Power Lift Infinite Position Reclining Chair

Mcombo infinite positions lay flat power recliner

Old people especially those with illnesses that limits their mobility, need a good chair to watch Tv and sleep in. The MCombo Power lift recliner is one of the best lay back power recliners for this purpose.

What do you want in a lay flat recliner? Lightweight, fully remote controlled and heavily padded, this recliner gives good value for money.

It has USB ports for charging tablets and android devices and side pockets where one can keep newspapers, phones and other valuables.

The extended foot rest helps you to stretch out your full length and suitable for folks that are up to 6’2 inches tall. The power head rest ensures your head relaxes or focuses without stressing your neck.

Product Features

  • USB ports
  • Infinite position power recliner
  • Power head rest
  • Anti-fall ropes
  • Side pockets
  • Heavily padded foam handle and wide backrest.
  • Extended foot rest


  • Exceptionally comfortable and sturdy
  • Superb customer care
  • Lightweight hence easy to move around
  • Easy to assemble
  • Side pockets for keeping valuables and ports for charging devices


  • No massage and heat system
  • You won’t find a cup holder

Mega Motion-1652 Power Lay Back Recliner

Relatively new, the Mega Motion MM-1652 makes it on this list because it promises to deliver infinite positions which would be beneficial for your health needs. From the stables of Windermere, enjoy the comfort and rest with this recliner.

You can enjoy the MM-1652 zero-gravity recliner in different positions including the Trendelenburg position. It was built for tall folks who have a height of at most 6’2 inches and a weight of around 375lbs.

The MM-1652 comes with heavy padding on its wide seats and backrests to assure comfort of the user. There’s a lot of ultra-modern technology for full body support all with a wand for system control.

This recliner has been discovered to promote health by its infinite reclining positions and that is enough value for anyone’s money.

Product Features

  • Remote controlled system
  • Padded seats, hand and backrests
  • Dual motor operation


  • Dual motor allows the back and footrests to be operated independently for suitable positions.
  • Allows for infinite positions
  • Supports full body and feet
  • Suitable for bulky folks
  • Blends easily with home furniture


  • Doesn’t have cup holder
  • Doesn’t have a massage or heat system

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