Does AB Lounge Work? (Will this Abdominal Workout Chair Help Build Abs?)

You’ve seen people with killer abs and you’re wondering if you getting an AB lounge chair would help you achieve same. Well, if you are seriously considering the Ab lounge chair and want to know if this workout chair is more than just an after-exercise chair really works, this article is for you.

The AB Lounging Chair Popularity is growing

The popularity of the AB lounge is growing. But, you’re not interested in that, you want results from usage. So, will you benefit from using this chair as a workout chair in your home? Read on and let’s answer some critical questions you might have about the AB lounging chair before you invest in a purchase.

What Is AB Lounge Chair And What Does It Do?

does AB lounge work

Ironically, when American fitness mogul and businessman Tony Little first built the Ab Lounge, he said it was for use when one is “done working out” or relaxing at intervals.

But, is the AB lounging chair really an after-workout chair today? Well, it turns out that what we have come to know today as an ab lounge isn’t for after workouts anymore. You see, this chaise-looking piece of fitness equipment has been re-engineered to tone the core muscles of the abdomen, the lower back, and the oblique.

The lounger is regarded to be more effective than the traditional crunches or sit-ups. It helps to tighten and tone your lower and upper abs and oblique quicker than you can imagine too.

It’s no surprise why a lot of people are splashing hundreds of dollars on this interesting fitness equipment that doubles as a chair. Does it worth it? Absolutely! You get a multi-versatile ‘chair’ that will also help you tone your calves and make your abs more pronounced while working out at home.

How Do You Use An Ab Lounge Effectively?

For an ab lounge to work effectively, you must be using it correctly. A lot of people are ignorant of the correct way to set up and use an ab lounge but you’re not going to be one of them after reading this segment.

How to use the Ab Lounging Chair and Get it to Work for You

  • To get on the ab lounge, you should straddle the chair (the space between the footrest and the seat) and ensure your face facing the footrest.

Then slowly load your body into the chair. The side armrests are stationary so you can hold onto them while sitting for balance.

When seated, ensure that your legs are fully stretched and your heels are on the footrest.

There is an adjustment knob that helps to adjust the footrest in case your heels aren’t perfectly placed. Adjust it to the perfect position before you mount the ab lounge again and then lock the knob.

Some ab lounge models have the hand bars beside or over your head when you’re in a sitting position. Just reach out to the hand bars and grab them. Take a deep breath, such that collapses your abdominal muscles, and then push your body to a lying position. The ab lounge will extend according to your position.

  • While still holding the hand bars, exhale and squeeze your abdominal muscles simultaneously as you take your body back to a sitting position.
  • From your lying to sitting position is one rep. As a first-timer, you’re advised to do at least 10 to 12 reps.

This will be enough to build enough endurance and strength generally. However, if you’re up for it, you can perform more reps. The more reps you do, the more abs you build.

  • Be creative. Find a way to work your obliques – the muscles on the sides of your abdomen. This is done by twisting your hip to each side while lying down and doing the crunch as with your abs.
  • If you want to stretch your abs and obliques, just stay in a lying position and ensure your legs are fully stretched. Your arms should be over your head and you must stretch till you feel the tension in your core muscles.

Will Ab Lounge Help You Lose Belly Fat?

No. Absolutely not. Unfortunately, no matter how much time you spend using an ab lounge, it cannot help you lose the belly fat you have. The best you can get is increased strength in the core muscles – ab muscles and oblique precisely. It is going to take more than just sitting in an ab lounge to eliminate belly fat.

According to Canadian Exercise Physiologist, Mike Bracko, “you cannot spot reduce and by that, I mean eliminating the unwanted fat in a particular part of the body by just carrying out exercises for just that part alone.”

To lose belly fat, you need to get up out of that ab lounge and engage in actual activities that burn fats all over your body, cut down calories, and quit late meals.

Does The Ab Lounging Chair Really Work?

The answer to the question of the effectiveness of an ab lounge differs from person to person. Following user reviews data, while some hail the fitness equipment, others complained of not getting what they expected – and there lies the answer, expectation!

If you have low belly fat and need a machine to work and tone your core muscles, the ab lounge has got you covered. You can stretch, squeeze and strengthen your oblique and albs as well as reduce the pain in your lower back while using the ab lounge. However, some people expect their belly fat and other unwanted fat to disappear because they use an ab lounge.

If you continue unhealthy habits and don’t watch your calorie intake, there is nothing the ab lounge will do for you. However, if you reduce belly fat, the ab lounge will tone those muscles to an enviable shape.

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Final Thoughts

The ab lounge has undergone modern engineering but the purpose remains the same – to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Not to eliminate body fat.

People ask if the ab lounge really does work and the answer is yes, it does work for abdominal muscle strengthening. If you want that swimsuit belly that will always turn heads, then yes the ab lounge is for you as long as you use it right and use other means to eliminate belly fat.