October 2022

Best Full Body Massage Chair to De-Stress in 2022

Are you looking for the best full-body massage chair available? You are in luck, as this is the article for you!

A list of the best massage chairs you could ever come across has been compiled for you. Read on to get all the necessary information you need. 


In today’s world, the labor market has taken a good population of people around the world.  Due to this, there has been an incredible increase in the rate of orthopedic conditions. Most times, people are placed under “restructuring” or recuperation processes by medical professionals.

What if you are told all these could be easily avoided? Well, they can, by using massage chairs. 

Using massage chairs, provide you with the best prevention to any kind of orthopedic challenges. Not just for those in the labor world, but also for office workers in the corporate world. The use of plastic and wooden chairs in offices and coming back home to sit on a sofa isn’t the best idea. 

However, having a chair that gives you a good physiotherapy feeling while maintaining your comfort seems just perfect. 

Considering all these, a list of the seven (7) best readily available massage chairs has been put together for you. All you have to do is read through, and pick the one that suits you best. 

Top Seven Best Full-Body Massage Chairs of 2022

Nouhaus Massage Chair

Nouhaus Full Body Massage Chair

The Nouhaus full-body massage chair is great when you want to ease the day’s stress. This massage chair provides comfort and relaxation while relieving you of stress and giving you a good massage. 

Nouhaus massage chairs come with:

  • complete spine track rollers
  • Massage airbags 

And is, of course, designed to give you the best of a full body massage. The massage begins with a neck massage that gives 35 knead per minute.


  • A positional head cushion:

Great pillow-like feature for a massage chair. This is built to allow you to have a place to rest your head after getting seated and ready for your massage. Its massager is adjustable to give you maximum comfort and relaxation. It is also possible to take it out if you feel you don’t need the head cushion. 

  • Neck and shoulder massage feature:

This feature is effectively put to use because of the four rotating adjustable massage nodes. These are located beneath the pillows and their use is for melting away tension that builds up from your shoulders. 

  • I frame track:

The I frame rack consists of synchronized massage nodes. They work up and down to give your upper and lower back a good uniform massage. 

  • Custom massage Airbags:

This feature is basically for releasing tension from the hips and your glutes. Tension is released by simply activating the airbag massage feature. There are two airbags for the hips and one for your glutes. 

  • Seat heat:

The seat has a heat-up feature that warms up to around 45 degrees Celsius. This helps you achieve deeper relaxation while keeping you warm. 

  • Strong Capacity:

The chair holds up a weight capacity of 260lbs. The hip width of the chair is usually 15.5″ with the airbag on and 16″ when the airbag is off. This means it can accommodate a slightly bigger person when the airbags are off.

  • Position-Perfect Comfort: 

The separate ottoman allows you to position underneath your calf muscle for maximum comfort. It also aids you to stretch out your feet for proper blood circulation. 

  • Built-in Remote Control:

Unlike other massage chairs that are extra bulky, this one is designed such that it can complement your home decor. It can serve as a lounge chair and sometimes an auxiliary office chair.

  • Detachable Cushion: 

The detachable heat cushion allows you to pick a suitable spine alignment and the intensity of the neck massage to your taste. 

What We Like About It!

After taking a look at all the interesting features of this massage chair, there is really nothing not to like about it! Our favorites are:

  • It is sleek and portable unlike several other massage chairs in the market. 
  • Comes with an ottoman for resting your legs.
  • The chair cloth is also made of fine cotton, which gives a shooting and gentle feel to the skin. 


The only disadvantage there is to this massage chair, is that plus-size people will have a problem using it.

OWAYS Zero-Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

OWAYS Zero-Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

This massage chair can impressively carry someone who weighs 330 pounds! Finally something nice for plus-size people. It also has a feature that automatically detects your height and body shape to adjust to your fitting. 

It is a relatively bigger and bulkier massage chair than the first one. 

This, however, is only because of the nature of people it was meant to accommodate which means it isn’t easily movable. 


This full-body air Massage chair has a lot of interesting features some of them include: 

  • Thai Stretching Massage:

Thai lacing refers to a type of Thai massage. Its lacing range is wide, massages for 15 minutes the whole time, your body gets to be very relaxed. 

  • Full Body Massage

This massage chair has exactly 32 airbags that stimulate your body and give your shoulders a deep massage. It slowly moves the massage to the neck until dawn. This chair also has a heating function for the waist.

  • 3D robot hands

This is a stimulated massage technique that is realistic for every part of the body. 

  •  Heating Function

There are built-in heaters that aid in improving metabolism and circulation rate. It also increases your overall comfort. 

  • Foot massage:

This particular massage chair comes with foot airbags that use a squeezing massage method to improve blood circulation. 

What We Like About It

  • The most interesting feature about this chair is that it can adjust to suit just anyone! 
  • It also isn’t a problem for plus-size people who weigh under 330 pounds because of the strength of its design and weight capacity limit. 

So whoever you are, this is one of the top full-body massage chairs to bring you comfort and relaxation. 


Seeing how interesting this particular massage chair is, there aren’t many disadvantages to it either. The problem however is that it isn’t the kind of massage chair you carry about because of its bulkiness. 

Mynta Massage Chair 3D SL-Track

Mynta full massage chair

The Mynta massage chair provides affordable and safe deep relaxation. This chair usually comes in a 51″D×31″W×46 dimension fit for regular adults.

It is best placed indoors and can carry a maximum weight load of 260 pounds. The chair itself weighs 199 pounds which may be easy to move around. Whether you want to place it in your bedroom or add it as a piece of recreational furniture in your living room. 


This particular chair has many features that make it make the list of the best massage chairs. 

These features include: 

  • Adjustable massage rollers:

With its width and strengths, it can perform unique and precise massage techniques.

  • 3D robot hands:

Performs crazy massage techniques for the best deep massages.

  • Extended SL track

It is thanks to this feature, that this chair can bend and stretch your body for a pleasant massage. 

  • 3-minutes fast heating:

The fast heating within a short period encourages faster blood circulation. Also, it aids metabolism and helps with producing internal body heat. 

  • Flexible shoulder width:

the shoulder width of this massage chair is designed such that it lets you relax back to stretch your shoulders. 

  • Extended footrest

This helps you stretch your feet to the maximum so they are not bent or restricted during massages. 

  • Easy to move around:

The Mynta massage chair is very easy to move around. It is light in weight and has wheels. These wheels are two in number and are located behind the chair to make moving it easy. 

What We Like About It

  • This chair’s flexibility to use and move makes it one of a kind.
  • More to see, the chair is incredibly soft and provides maximum comfort to those that use it.
  • The footrest feature in this chair is extended, to permit easy blood flow through the legs and back. 
  • Also, it encourages the spine to be stretched out properly as required. 


  • This chair also has a little disadvantage of not being able to accommodate plus-size people. However, this shouldn’t be a problem for you if you weigh below 260 pounds. 

Real Relax Massage Chair

Real Relax full massage chair

The Real Relax full massage chair comes packing great features. An additional impressive feature of this massage chair is the introduction of the favor03 plus massage chair. 

This is a feature that extends from the original chair for comfort and relaxation.

It is also movable not because of its weight but because of the two wheels incited behind it to aid the chair movement. 


The features of these chairs include:

  • Suitable height range:

The height range of this chair is built to accommodate people who are taller than average. 

  • Smart control:

You no longer have to operate your massage chair by buttons! A smart control remote is provided to help you operate the chair properly and easily. 

  • Foot massage:

A foot massage compartment is added to help you keep your feet steady and enhance blood circulation. They are also very comfortable and keep your feet warm in the cold.

  • Easy to move:

The chair has two wheels behind which makes moving it around easier. Always ensure you’re not letting someone too big sit on your massage chair. 

  • Back heating:

The chair provides and produces heat to keep the back home and enhance massage results. 

  • Targeting people:

The chair gives massages that target where you need it the most. Or it must be how even and relaxing the massages are. 

  • Favor03 plus massage chair:

This feature helps you extend the chair to accommodate anyone’s height. On this chair, it looks like an extra attached chair but it’s all in one package. This feature is new and isn’t very rampant in many massage chairs yet. Get one today and enjoy unique relaxation and top-notch comfortability. 

What We Like About It! 

  • This chair provides you with all the comfort and relaxation you need while taking care of yourself. 
  • The massage techniques help to stretch your joints and encourage blood flow around the body.
  •  It is also very friendly to the spine and relieves it of stress.


  • It is very safe to say that this massage chair has no real cons to it! It is one of the perfect massage chairs to give you the best comfort and relaxation. 

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FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair

FOELRO Full Body Massage Chair

Want to recline with airbags, back heaters, Bluetooth speaker, foot roller, and a dashing black color? You’ll probably love this full massage chair. 

This massage chair has made it to our list of the seven best massage chairs because of its intriguing features. 

Its special feature, unlike any other, is that it allows you to customize your massage and you can focus on where you feel it’s needed most. 


This chair also has very intriguing features that give it its uniqueness a good number of them are:

  • Smart remote control:

A smart remote aids the effective operation of the FOELRO Full Body Massage chair. And also helps you maximize its features. 

  • Full Body airbag massage

The full-body airbags allow you to bend and curve in the chair so you get deep massages. These massages can go as far as helping with joint pains and muscle stiffness. It also helps relieve you of general body fatigue. 

  • Bluetooth music player

A device can be connected to this chair to enable you to listen to the audio while getting your massage. Whatever kinds of songs you want to listen to while getting your massage, it’s yours. It’s been said that list messages mantras help facilitate mental healing. You can try it on a massage chair with this feature.

  • Foot roller massage:

This is a very important feature in every massage chair. For this particular chair, this feature keeps the feet warm during massages. It also gives the feet good space and helps facilitate the circulation of blood. This feature also helps exercise the calf muscles and straightens the ankle. This way, there is less chance of constant muscle pulls. 

  • Extended footrest:

This is the best feature for your spine. It aids the feet to move straight forward while giving you your massage. You’re at this point, almost getting a spa treatment from a chair. Since the feet are extended, there isn’t a chance of numbness after massage. 

  • Skin-friendly:

The chair can be cleaned regSkin-friendly dry soft cloth piece. It is also very skin-friendly and gives you comfort. The chair cloth doesn’t generate heat on its own unless that feature is put on. 

  • Allows massage customization

As earlier mentioned, this is the biggest feature of this massage chair. 

This means you get to pick your massage style on the chair’s smart remote. You can also pick the region where you want the massage to be focused. It could be the waist, shoulder, neck, or anywhere at all. 

All you need to do to maximize this feature is to carefully read and understand the chair guide. 

What We Like About It! 

  • This chair gives another different meaning to comfort! The fact that you can also connect it to any device to listen to music when getting your massage. It could be music or mantras, whichever takes you with the mood.
  • Another very interesting thing we like about this massage chair is the fact that it allows you to customize your massage. 


  • Like almost every other chair on our list today, the only con to this amazing chair is that it can only accommodate average size people. However as always, there is a chair for everyone, so if this works for you, go for it. 

YITAHOME Zero Gravity Massage Chair

YITAHOME Zero Gravity full massage chair

This YITAHOME massage chair is known mainly for the zero-gravity feature aside from many.  Your comfort has been prioritized by the manufacturers of this massage chair.

Its several interesting features make it very comfortable and reliable.

Let take a look at a few of them 


  • Shoulder adjustment feature that makes it suitable for all sizes

For people who are taller or bigger than the original chair size, this is the feature for you. All you have to do is simply adjust the chair’s shoulder frame to suit you until it’s comfortable. 

  • 3D robot hands:

A feature that enables comfortable and realistic relieving massages. 

  • Zero Gravity:

This helps keep up the position of your legs right above your heart.  To enable your body to move into a complete relaxation state. It’s bye-bye to muscle fatigue with this feature.

  • Space saving:

During operations, the chair opens up to leave you some space. All you have to do is make sure the massage chair is 2 inches away from the wall. 

  • Body scanning function

You should lift up the pillow cushion before you sit for precise measurement. The auto mode begins after body scanning ends. 

  • Adjustable shoulder width

The electric rollers for massages are adjustable based on shoulder size and width. 

  • Yoga Stretching system:

This feature/ function stretches the upper body and your legs while your back is held in place. 

  • Foot roller and unique calf massage: 

To help stimulate any acupuncture point, 3-foot rollers are placed beneath your feet. They are a fixed maximum of 12.5″. 

  • Smart control:

The smart remote allows intuitive and easy operation and control of the massage chair.  

  • Waist heating

Heating the waist arena is a great deal in alleviating lumbar discomfort. This chair provides every bit of it.

  • Pre-assembled

The YITAHOME massage chair comes as a Pre-assembled assembled package. This way you have no cause to worry about assembling the chair after purchasing. 

  • Automatic telescoping legrest (15cm/ 5.9 inches):

An innovative leg rest has been built in this chair. It is an auto stretch feature and can stretch up to 5.9 inches to accommodate different leg lengths. 

What We Like About It!

  • Everything about this chair is very impressive and wonderful. A lot of amazing and enhanced features have been put together to make this chair your dream come true. These features are all listed above.


  • It packs a lot of features that make it a top massage chair but the heater on the chair is only located at the waist region.  

Human Touch iJOY Total Massage

Human touch full massage chair

The human touch massage chair is specifically an indoor massage chair. It was built for the living room or bedroom with very unique features. Comes with lots of handy features and it’s easy to use.


The features of the Human Touch iJOY Total Massage chair are very easy-to-use and deliver premium comfort.

They include:

  • Easy control

The carefully constructed remote makes controlling the massage chai very easy. The button descriptions are also very easy to read and translate.

  • S-track massage:

This feature is to closely go with your spine curvature to give the body a soothing massage. 

  • Adjustable roller width:

This massage chair has roller widths that adjust to the height of the person using it. All you have to do is stretch. 

  • Targeted air cells:

The air cells move from your neck to your back, to the waist down. Giving you the best relaxation.

  • Calf and foot massage feature:

This feature helps you exercise your calf muscles and feet. It gives your feet a relaxing sensation and aids blood circulation. 

  • Comfortable surface material:

The massage chairs have finely made outer surface cloths that give a soft feel. 

What We Like About It! 

  • What do we like about it? The easy control feature. This chair is very easy-to-use and understand.
  • The targeted air cells are also a wonderful reason for you to use this chair. 


  • For the Human Touch iJOY Total Massage chair, there isn’t a heat massage feature like other chairs. Let’s not forget this feature is important to help alleviate some lumbar issues but you can certainly do without it. 


Whether you’re a public servant, serviceman, office worker, or even a work-from-home person, you should get a massage chair. 

Getting yourself a good massage chair can be equated to buying good food. Your body needs all the strength and positive spoiling it can get so it doesn’t let you down.

For people who work on a fixed posture for long e.g sitting or standing, a massage chair should go in your budget. 

It’ll help re-energize and rejuvenate your body while enhancing proper metabolism and blood circulation.

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