Best Armless Office Chairs on the Market 2023 Review

Considering getting an office chair without arms? Read on to find out about the best armless office chairs you can purchase today.

Your office chair doesn’t necessarily need armrests. Sometimes, that ‘useful’ armrest can be a bit inconvenient and hinder you from positioning as you like.

Maybe you don’t just want an office chair with arms, and you’re seeking alternatives. You’re in luck! Today, I’ll be looking at the best armless office chairs on the market for your sitting comfort.

Why You Should Get an Armless Office Chair?

Armless office chairs may be what you need if you are looking for versatile office chairs with a vast motion and sitting range. Interestingly, they many a time cheaper than those with arms and occupy less space too.

Are armless office chairs better?

It truly depends on your space and budget. If you’re on a budget and looking for space-saving office chair options, then I’d say that an armless office chair will better suit you, as it can fit into tighter spaces.

Are armless chairs ergonomic?

Anything designed to make your work rate significantly improve is definitely ergonomic. While not all armless chairs are ergonomic, you’d definitely find several that makes sitting more comfortable and improve productivity. We’ll cover a few of these chairs below.

What are the best armless office chairs to buy?

If you’re on the market for top-of-the-line office chairs without arms you can buy, this review is all you need. Here we carefully select from the huge armless chairs on the market and pick out only the best. So, read on to find out which we recommend.

LEAGOO Home Office Chair without Arms

Key Features

  • Swivel furniture base
  • Brown color
  • Solid back style
  • PU leather material

Whether you want an office chair that radiates professionalism and class, or you’re looking for comfort and style, the Leagoo armless home office chair is a top contender. It features an ergonomic design that aligns with your body for perfect fitting.

For maximum work efficacy and comfort, there’s an inbuilt lumbar and back support, so you get to enjoy sitting for a longer time and focus on your duty.

Unlike many chairs that don’t consider your sitting posture, the Leagoo home office chair comes with a curved backrest and seat which helps take out pressure from the back and leg and gives you even maximum comfort and most importantly, good sitting posture.

Another important positive thing to note about this Leagoo armless office chair is the fact that is silent. You don’t want a squeaking office chair during meetings or when you need to think clearly. This chair is made with 360 degrees super ‘mute’ nylon caster that lets it roll and turn with no sound.

Other medical advantages of this armless office chair include:

  • Reduces hip pressure
  • Helps speed up blood circulation
  • Improves concentration

If you’re on the bulky side, you’ll appreciate its sturdy design and high carrying capacity of up to 300 lbs.

What we like

  • It has several medical/health benefits, from speeding up blood circulation to correcting posture, promoting focus and concentration and more..
  • Made of sturdy materials and very durable.
  • It comes with a huge carrying capacity of up to 300 lbs, perfect for big and tall persons.
  • It’s fully adjustable to varying heights and tilt angles giving you opportunity to optimize your sitting.
  • Manufacturers have provided everything (tools, instructions) you need for the ease of installation of this office chair.
  • Very silent even though it has rollers and rotates 360.
  • There’s a 2 year warranty and 90 days free return policy to assure you of top-quality chair you’re getting.

What we dislike?

  • There’s nothing not to like about the chair. It has everything covered, from budget-friendly to health benefits and even customer service of the company.

The Leagoo is a top-notch armless office chair that will fit either your home reading office or business office. At first look it screams modern executive, promoting a comfortable, healthy, and enjoyable work experience.

Modway Ripple Ribbed Armless Desk Office Chair

Modway Ripple Ribbed Best Armless Desk Office Chair

Key features

  • Swivel furniture
  • Faux leather
  • Chrome steel frame

This is another quality armless office chair I’d recommend. This sleek-looking desk office chair comes with a polished chrome steel frame that holds the chair together. There’s a well-padded foam cushion with vinyl covering for comfortable sitting.

Made by innovative manufacturers and produced in the USA, this sturdy ribbed armless desk chair improves productivity in your office space. For ease of mobility, there are five dual-wheel casters that allow smooth sailing over carpeted surfaces or hardwood.

The stylish Modway Ripple Ribbed armless desk office chair height is fully adjustable and swivels 360 degrees.

What we like

  • Stylish premium aesthetic that gives your office or home reading space a modern look
  • Beautiful and comfortable chair with ergonomic support allowing you ease your lumbar with foam pad cushion
  • Sturdy construction with top of the line materials used including chrome aluminum frame, dual wheel casters and more
  • Can be moved around with ease thanks to wheels
  • Impressive features for everyday use including 360 degree swivel, height adjustment and more.
  • Comes with a manual for ease of assembly
  • Good budget multipurpose armless office chair
  • Comes with a lot of color options

What we dislike

  • If you’d be spending whole days sitting, this chair can become uncomfortable to seat on in a few months.
  • It won’t hold a heavier 300+ lbs person even though it does look like it will.

Amazon Basics Low-Back Armless Office Desk Chair

Amazon Basics Low-back armless office desk chair

Key features

  • Swivel chair
  • Height adjustable
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Smooth rolling casters

If you’re on a budget but looking for a great office chair with no arms, then you should definitely check out this Amazon Basics low-back desk office chair.

It’s a versatile chair designed for use by a lot of professionals, business people, and even students. The chair is petite, will fit just about any office space or apartment, and is built with your comfort in mind.

While you may not get the best of the chair if you plan to lean back a lot, if you’re going to be working sitting at a chair for several hours a day, you would appreciate the design of the chair.

Like the other two chairs above, this is also a swivel chair that can go 360 degrees. It has a 275 lbs weight carrying capacity and comes with a 2-inch of thick padded seat so you experience less or no sitting discomfort.

It’s important to note that this is a desk task chair, so if you plan to relax all day on it, you might not find it very enjoyable. There is breathable contoured mesh at back for support.

What we like

  • Great for low-budget persons like students looking for a chair to improve their productivity
  • Comes with a contoured mesh back that’s breathable for support
  • It’s easy to assemble by anyone, and will take less than 10 minutes to get up.
  • It’s height adjustable and has extra padding for more sitting comfort
  • Move it around easily with those smooth-rolling casters.
  • Good enough weight capacity

What we dislike

  • Chair is sturdy but at its price point, may not last past a few months.
  • Just blue color is available, so you don’t get to make a choice of color

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Safco Intensive-Use Armless Office Task Chair

Key features

  • Nylon material
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Swivel style

How many office chairs can handle a weight capacity of 500 lbs? You guessed right, not as many as those for persons under 300 lbs. But this Safco intensive-use armless office task chair is not your regular office chair.

If you’re a big and tall person that weighs on the bulky side and would like to scoot from your chair to desk without armrests restricting your movement, then you should take a look at this chair.

This powerful armless chair is ergonomic, height-adjustable, breathable, and delivers maximum comfort, especially for heavier people. Made with heavy-duty materials that include a five-point steel base, pneumatic adjustable height, multi-surface wheels, nylon, and more.

The Safco chair is made in Taiwan and ships worldwide. You can make use of it in a lot of places, especially multi-shift jobs like dispatch offices and call centers.

With the solid build and aesthetic design, you get the best of all worlds with this fine work chair, if you’re looking for a sturdy chair that’s comfortable, versatile, and looks good.

What we like

  • It’s great for bulky folks. So, big and tall persons finding it uncomfortable to fit in a chair would appreciate this. It has a weight limit of a massive 500 pounds.
  • Comes with a stylish waterfall seat edge, and overall beautiful aesthetics
  • It’s a great multipurpose chair that will fit most work environments
  • It’s of course, very sturdily built and made to last.
  • To prolong its professional appearance, black powder coating was used as a finish, and this actually prevents scratching and chipping.
  • Installation is pretty easy for this tank-like chair.

 What we dislike

  • The chair legs have some sharp edges that may pose a risk of small accidents. However, if you are going to be wearing socks and shoes at work, you may not be bothered.
  • Not made in the USA

Modway Jive Ribbed Armless Conference Chair

Best Armless Conference Chair

I’ve taken a likening to the Modway brand, and I’m sure you probably love it too. They sell really eye-catching chairs that come in varying sumptuous-looking colors. If aesthetic is the number one determinant for an armless office chair, I’d definitely opt for this Jive ribbed chair.

Colors that liven up your conference room are what you get to pick from – red, brown, gray, black, white, etc. The Modway Jive chair comes with a ribbed sling and lumbar support, so you get to be ultra-comfortable while trying to be productive.

This is an embodiment of modern luxury designed for everyday use. Made with solid materials that include chrome aluminum frame, one-touch height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, dual-wheel casters – you’re sure of getting a sturdy office chair.

The Modway Jive ribbed armless office chair has a carrying capacity of 330 pounds, so can be used by the majority of people.

What we like

  • Solid construction with heavy-duty materials
  • Pleasing aesthetics and most importantly, the vast number of color options available
  • Comes with ribbed sling and lumbar support for posture management and comfortable sitting
  • Fits under the desk perfectly when you want to store
  • It’s pretty easy to assemble, taking not more than 10 minutes, with lots of customers getting it done in under 5 minutes.

What we dislike

  • Costs just about 200 bucks, which may be on the high-side, especially if you’re looking to buy several for a conference room.

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