The 5 Best Recliners for Short Persons [2022 Review]

Are you looking for the best recliners for short people/persons? If you have a small stature, you will agree that it sometimes feels great to sit and relax in chairs that are somewhat too big for you.

…But you may be doing more harm to yourself than you realize. You could even be getting yourself prone to back pain.

This is why having and using recliners with the perfect fit is essential as you have a lot of benefits to enjoy. Most recliners for short/small people are not bulky and don’t usually take up a lot of space.

However, short people often face the daunting task of buying a proper recliner that is a perfect fit for them. This is because most of the recliners in the market today are designed mostly for medium-sized people. Whether recliners for recovering for surgery or for pregnancy.

You may also come across recliners for big individuals and those designed for medical assistance like recliners for sleeping after surgery, etc.

They also come in different colors and have features that make it easy for users to relax and watch their TVs or read the newspaper.

One cool benefit of the best recliners for short individuals is that they are designed to fit your body.

They usually have short back resting areas, shorter arms, excellent seat, and foot-resting areas which are located closer to the seat.

These recliners are designed exclusively for the short person, and all the comfortable areas target just the right parts of the human body, thus providing optimum comfort for short individuals.

A small recliner also saves a lot of space, as mentioned earlier. Most recliners are oversized and huge, thereby taking up a lot of space in your room. These big recliners are also pretty heavy, and you can’t move them around without help.

So, if you are short, having a compact recliner will do you a lot of good. And lastly, small armchairs are also much cheaper than their larger counterparts.

Therefore, read on to discover the carefully selected top 5 best recliners for short persons.

Best Recliners for Short Persons

Check out our top 5 recliners for short persons. They’re perfect for small-sized parents and great for small spaces too.

Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner

Flash furniture recliner for short person

Some people love simplicity in every aspect of their lives. If you are one of these people and you need a recliner that will be fitting for your small stature, the Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner is your best choice.

This remarkably small and stylish footprint recliner can quickly become your most favorite piece of furniture, especially if you get the chance to try it out before purchasing it.

The Flash Furniture recliner is nicely made and pretty comfortable, and even comes with a petite stool for the legs. This is one of the reasons why Flash Furniture Contemporary Recliner is one of the perfect choices for short people.

The Contemporary Recliner is fitted with a 360-degree swivel function that makes it ideal for anyone who wants to relax in front of your TV in the living room.

It has its upholstery made of polyurethane or faux leather, which makes it super easy to spot-clean the cover with a damp cloth.

You can choose from five different color options.  Here is a quick look at what we liked and what we didn’t like.

What we like

  • Easy to assemble and clean.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • Comes with a leg ottoman.
  • Has a swivel feature.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Smaller footprint, thus making it perfect for short individuals.
  • Reclines only.

What we didn’t like

  • A little off-gassing.
  • No rocking function.
  • The amount of padding may not be enough for some users.

ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner

The Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner is constructed uniquely with heavy cushioning on the arms, back, and seat. This makes it possible for users to place the recliner a few inches away from their walls as possible.

The ProLounger wall hugger is a standard but premium-quality recliner that showcases the most exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials you will ever see.

The exterior of this recliner is covered with one of the most easy-care and comfortable fabrics used in furniture these days.

The ProLounger Wall Hugger Microfiber Recliner is a non-massage style recliner with its backrests, ultra-cushioned armrests, and seat featuring solid hardwood construction covered with memory foam.

It is filled with polyester fill along with sturdy springs and then covered with beautiful microfiber fabric. It is this microfiber fabric that gives this recliner a premium look and luxurious feel. The fabric is reportedly one of the easiest to clean as well.

Two-color options are available for you: beige and black. The Wall Hugger also features a leg-resting area and a full chaise pad. Let’s take a look at what we liked and didn’t like about this fantastic product.

What we like

  • Looks exceptionally durable, thanks to its build quality.
  • Cushioning is done with precise accordance with details to provide optimum comfort.
  • Ultra-cushioned armrests and specially-designed leg-resting area.

What we didn’t like

  • The recliner is pretty heavy.
  • Microfiber upholstery catches dust quickly, thus requiring frequent dusting to keep it immaculately clean.


BestMassage FDW Petite Recliner Chair

 best Recliner for short person FDW Wingback

The FDW Recliner Chair is ideal for short people looking to unwind and distress as it comes with an integrated footrest, a dual-function foot extension. It fits perfectly in any cozy living room, rec room, office, den, or dining establishment.

The FDW Recliner Chair is sturdy and built to last as it is upholstered with easy-to-maintain PU canvas or leather. The synthetic leather or canvas is clean and waterproof, so if water spills on it, it does not affect it whatsoever.

It has thick padding, wide arms designed for comfort, and an adjustable reclining lever. The modern and sophisticated chair is engineered from solid hardwood to provide extra stability for users.

This durable and easy-to-clean chair features a reclining back to enhance comfort and relaxation.

It has 3 reclining positions: 90 degrees, 120 degrees, and 160 degrees. Assembling this sleek chair takes about 2 minutes or even less without any need for tools.

What we like

  • Great affordability
  • Integrated dual-function foot extension
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • Basic style, ideal for any interior or space
  • Comfy and soft
  • Easy adjustment and ultimate relaxation
  • Highly durable
  • Classic and modern design
  • Takes two minutes or less to assemble and install

What we didn’t like

  • The synthetic leather can get users warm
  • No securing system in place for that reclined placement

Dorel Living Slim Recliner

Dorel Living Recliner for small persons

Dorel Living Slim Recliner is made using high-quality materials and is the perfect fit for any room or space. This chair is constructed using a high-quality hardwood frame, which makes it sturdy.

It features a steel-reclining mechanism with a sound-mounted release latch, which makes reclining incredibly easy.

The supportive backrest, lightly-flared armrests, and seat feature uniquely overstuffed and tufted cushions for additional comfort.

The ultra-slim sides and backrest take up a smaller footprint, which allows it to be used or positioned in a small space. The padded footrest, combined with the backrest and seat, enhance the plush feeling users experience.

What we like

  • Thickly padded arms and seat
  • Smooth pushback reclining mechanism
  • Soft and comfy
  • Excellent back support without using any pillow
  • Relatively affordable
  • Wing chair feel
  • Assembly is a piece of cake. Tools not required
  • Easy to move around
  • Great chair for gaming
  • Perfect for short people

What we didn’t like

  • Somewhat small, not ideal for overly tall or heavy individuals

Christopher Knight Light Beige Tufted Fabric Recliner

Christopher Knight Recliner for Small people

The Christopher Knight Light Beige Recliner is a classic-looking chair that, at first glance, doesn’t look like a recliner.

This recliner, which is made of high-quality materials, features a solid hardwood frame covered completely in overstuffed tufted, diamond design- sewn fabric (light beige Viscose/polyester).

The super-comfy recliner stands on solid wood legs, pegged at each corner, giving it a classic but stately look fitting for any interior.

The warm and inviting Elizabeth Recliner has a unique nailhead trim that gives it that traditional armchair looks, style, and feel.

It is the perfect fit for a short person who loves to plop down, kick back, and settle to reposition the mind and body, thereby bringing their spirit into near-perfect alignment.

So, if you are looking for a recliner that can make a bold statement in any room or office, Elizabeth Recliner is the best option for you.

What we like

  • Covered in durable, non-itchy fabrics for long-lasting usage
  • Easy to operate
  • Affordable
  • Stylish, despite its traditional look and feel
  • Assembly is easy

What we didn’t like

  • May not bear the weight of heavy individuals.


Factors to Consider When Choosing A Recliner for Short People

You need to be careful when shopping for the best recliners for short persons online. There are so many options available, and so you may want to perform a lot of research so that you don’t make any mistakes when picking the right furniture.

If you can get it from a brick-and-mortar retail store, there should be no problem when it comes to trying it out before you pay for it.

However, since it is highly likely that you will be making the purchase online, you need quality information before taking the plunge and paying the recliner.

Here is a short guide for short people looking to choose any of the best recliners out there:

Check out the construction of the recliner

You will find several recliners with varying degrees of sturdiness out there. So always go for a high-quality and affordable recliner over low-quality ones.

This is to ensure you get the best value for your money since low-quality or cheap products are seldom made with premium materials.

The style of the recliner you want

There are a few choices when it comes to recliners for short people, even though they have evolved over the years. Some furniture makers build recliners that can fit into any living room or match any room décor.

So, take a look at the various styles of recliners out there since they come in the traditional, low back, high back, or overstuffed styles.

Importance of the fabric used in upholstery

Recliners for short persons come in varying degrees of quality and upholstery. You will have access to a wide selection of fabric coverings which include:

  • Genuine leather
  • Microfiber
  • Faux leather
  • Cotton

So, which of these do you want to go for? Your choice will depend on your budget, so keep this in mind as you research the recliner you want to buy.


If you want to enjoy your recliner for years, it will be a mistake to skimp on comfort. Don’t be taken in by the pillowy look of some recliners for short people as they may not feel that way when you eventually get it in your living room.

Take a look at the materials used in constructing the recliner. They usually go a long way in determining how comfortable a recliner will feel.

Measure the area where the recliner will sit

How much space in your room can you allocate to your recliner? You need to measure this area because it is highly essential to have enough room for the recliner to sit and for you to stretch your legs.

Some recliners require a few inches of wall clearance if you must fully recline. And you need to be sure of how wide your door is so that when you eventually buy the recliner, you will not experience any challenge getting it through your door.

Availability of Cupholders/Storage/USB ports

The world is rapidly changing, and gone are the days when ordinary furniture just fills up everywhere without any extra functionalities. Some recliners come with unique accessories added by top-notch furniture makers.

Don’t be surprised if you come across recliners with USB ports for charging your smartphone and tablet, cup holders, or concealed large storage compartments.

Of course, you may have to shell out a lot of money to get your hands on this type of state-of-the-art recliner.

Final Words

Recliners are cool to have in the home, but they are cooler if they can readily adjust to your body. Short people require recliners that come with lots of foam padding, which makes them comfortable.

And a recliner is a good thing to add to that small corner or bay window where it will fit without disrupting the overall look of your décor. You also need to be sure that there is more than enough room for you to recline.

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